Chimney removed - damp/leak through ceiling

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Jweary1, Nov 2, 2021.

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    Hoping for some advice please. Prior to our ownership the chimney on the right hand side of our house was removed. There were yellow patches on the bedroom ceiling in the far corner when we bought the place- our builder said it was just leftover from an old leak and plastered over it… after a few weeks the yellow re-appeared…

    There is no visible sign of a leak in the loft, i.e no drips or leak path when it rains, but one particularly beam is saturated and this is arguably what’s causing the yellow patches/sponginess on the bedroom ceiling below. The beam in question seemed to be drying out in the summer, but this could be down to lack of rain or lack of condensation because it was obviously warmer…

    Because of the lack of dripping we assumed the water was being sucked into the beam from outside the house- We had roofers out in April and they re-bedded the hip tiles as they were convinced that was the problem but they also installed a casing/shielding to stop the rain blowing in- it doesn’t appear that either solution fixed the issue.

    so my question is where do we go from here please? I’ve attached photos, please let me know if you need anymore info!

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  2. Jiml86

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    I know you say theirs no sign of a leak but the pattern of water would suggest a drip coming from directly above?
  3. Jweary1

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    This is what we initially thought but we’ve monitored it a lot and no drips or anything! Is it possible for the water to track back up through the beam like that or not really?
  4. Jiml86

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    No not in your case anyway. See to me it looks wetter at the very top, what I would do to be sure is put something dry on top of the beam and lay some kitchen towel or similar on top of that, then next time your getting heavy rain monitor that. I presume you were watching it while it was raining but the water could be making its way down on the tile side of the felt or some other place you can't see then dripping straight down leaving no obvious marks. Depending on how far away from that point your actual leak is this could cause a delay so it may not be immediate while raining if that makes sense?
  5. Jweary1

    Jweary1 New Member

    Good idea- will try that and report back!

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