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    I am selling a house and the chimney breast has been removed out of the dining room and bedroom approx 30 years ago.

    The problem I have now is the buyers have requested the building reg certificate, which I do not have.

    What can I do?

    I have looked int the loft and the chimney breast is still there, it is chased into the wall and the other part of the chimney is still there which is feed by the chimney in the lounge and 2nd bedroom which is still there. I cannot see any supports on the chimney where it has been removed in the past, should there be any?
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  3. Dewy

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    There were no such things as all these modern certificates 30 years ago.
    Any house built or changed before they were introduced is unlikely to have any certificates.
    I know I have non and the last major changes were approx 16 years ago.
  4. Charlie Far!ey

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    They have been spooked!

    Two top names on this forum have given the best advice - There aint no tickets for it! Stop looking.

    If they want it, tell them to apply for retrospective permits and if they doubt it's integrity then there is a good standard to apply - If you are confronted with two components -
    1 - Documented fact and theoretical analysis
    2 - A visual and physical intact example
    Trust me accept the second option.

    Assuming that the chimney is fixed properly, complete and intact and that the supports are adequate then they will not have a problem.
  5. Thermo

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    couldnt agree more
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    Sounds like a job for a stuctural engineer to cast an eye over, you get a ticket as well if all is ok.
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    thats a job for their surveyor, thats what they are paying him for.

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