chunky dado rail wanted

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by 3"CastIron, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. 3"CastIron

    3"CastIron New Member

    I am looking for a dado rail to use for hall stairs landing

    have looked in wickes b&q and travis but they only seem to stock the usual dado which is quite low profile.

    also the dado needs to be able to accomodate a 7mm rebate for 6mm t&g style paneling and it will be painted so soft wood/ mdf is fine

    can anyone recomemnd where i can source this.....i am in essex btw

  2. Shedmen

    Shedmen New Member

    Rather than go to some fairly large extra expense having a thicker dado machined up why not just glue together your dado to a backing piece of timber cut to a width that will create your rebate for the vertical paneling.

    Or alternatively you could glue and fix it as you construct your paneling.

  3. joesoap

    joesoap New Member

    Yes Sheds , recommended , either method. Cheers !
  4. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    you could also go for picture rail up side down as this will have enough meat for a 7.5mm rebate

    big all
  5. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    piecing mouldings together is an old tried and tested method

    if its being painted, add a 6mm mdf backer to your prefered moulding not as wide as the moulding so effectivly leaving a rebate for the mdf panel below
  6. 3"CastIron

    3"CastIron New Member

    excellent advice and very much appreciated - will relay this info onto my carpenter

    thanks :)
  7. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    bother, i didnt read shedmans comment, mine was the same answer, i just worded it differently

    more importantly castiron, are you sure about your carpenters ability????????????? :(

    any carpenter should be able to do this with his eye shut, hands tied behind his back, at 4:30 on a friday with a hangover from christmas and no tools

    well the "no tools" is a BIT of an exageration
  8. 3"CastIron

    3"CastIron New Member

    "more importantly castiron, are you sure about your carpenters ability?????????????"

    I have yet to ask him about using a backing piece to the dado...

    very nice chap 25 years experience & city guilds qualified, though it is someone i got out of the yellow pages and i have therefore not seen his work. in fact out of 8 carpenters he is the only chap who has bothered to show up when promised and quote.

    with regards his ability he has not actually run 6mm mdf panels up stairs before and was not keen on routing the mdf every 90mm as he says it will be too expensive (but he is ok to install the pre routed moisture resistant MDF panels 8ft x 4ft(£30 each) avaialble from travis though i think he made need more panels then estimated as there will be alot of waste rising the stairs.

    I am keen to go ahead with this chap but would it be ok to ask him for some references or a see a porfolio of his work?

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