Chust now and then, you come across

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Devil's Advocate, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. a perfect song.

    Perfect in its execution, its production, its musicality, its expression, and - very importantly - in its lyrics. No over-the-top barlocks. Just simple perfection, almost without trying.

    I rediscovered one such song when I was clearing through my old CDs looking for stuff to throw on eBay or give to the local charity shop. What's this - "The Best of Gallacher & Lyle"?! Jeepers, what made me buy that decades ago?

    Hmmm, puts it on. Hmmm, nice songs. And a couple of bits of utter perfection.

    The first is Mhairu (you need to forgive the silly spelling). A song of returning to your old haunts to find how it's all changed. Simple, painfully poignant, lyrics. Hits the spot. Every time.

    And then, on the same album, is I'm Amazed. Travel back to the awkwardness of your teens (or - cough - for me, my 20's...). The insecurity of first love that makes you question everything.

    "But when you've got the blues, I'll give you your dues - you can pass them round."

    Oh, sod it - there's also "We".

    My gawd, they are terrific song-writers.

    Oh, & don't come on here spoiling my thread with your pitiful selections of pfttft-perfect songs. 'Cos they won't be.

    Ta very much
  2. MrGrimNasty

    MrGrimNasty New Member

    Thanks DA, I'll add it to my play list for 'sitting on the parapet of the top floor of a multi-storey car park wondering where it all went wrong' play list. Jeez. I was happy till I listened to that dirge.
  3. Touches nerves you never knew you had, gents? S'ok - I understand...
  4. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Yep, Serious help there DA
  5. Bunch of Philistines...

    Anyways, it's a nice feature, this Myspace music, ain't it? Just leave it runnin'...
  6. MrGrimNasty

    MrGrimNasty New Member

    Stanley Unwin's back on form I see. Deep joy.
  7. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    You must be the "Devils Advocate"  to suggest that garbage is worth listening too.
  8. I am, and I did, but it isn't.

    On t'other hand, you are, you are, and you sooo are.
  9. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    I can't pretend I understand.

    But your 'taste' in muzak is still pitiful.
  10. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    you're not wrong there fat tony, he once asked me to play at his christmas party,
  11. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    What is with the 'chust" can't the Advocate for Satanism spell or summink?
  12. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    Is the Satanist a Ginger - Whinger - Loony - Lefty - Fatso then?

    PS Fasto is OK.
  13. 'Pitiful' ma ***, Fat Tone. You are chust not in touch with your inner soul.

    Oh, and 'chust' is just an intermittent speech impediment.
  14. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    How can you 'type' an impediment?

    Are you mocking the afflicted?
  15. You started it.
  16. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    Oh I'm soooo sorry. I did not know you were in a state of permanent affliction.
  17. Yeah. I get this massively fat pain in the a*** whenever I log on here...
  18. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    Buy a new computer chair then....and move the dog before you sit down.....
  19. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    I see zob has done a runner.
  20. Zob

    Zob New Member

    I'm here, learning stuff from you like how to post really interesting replies.

    I'll get their, eventually.

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