Circuit breaker for Single Oven

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by mike, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. mike

    mike Guest

    I am just about to fit a single oven with a gas hob, the cooker circuit at present is wired into a 15 amp breaker, as yet it has not been used, is there a problem with using this trip, or will I need to uprate it?
  2. Lectric man

    Lectric man New Member

    that all depends on the kw rating of the single oven,Some are supplied with a fitted 13a plug top more powerfull units are 32a and require a dedicated circuit. The instruction book will give the rating of the oven, also there is normally a silver plate located on the appliance giving its power rating etc.
  3. sparky (Original)

    sparky (Original) New Member

    if its a 3kw oven it can be connected into the ring by a fused connection unit or by a 13amp plug
  4. primesparky

    primesparky Guest

    Don't forget to provide a means of local isolation before the cooker, most important for safety reasons, e.g cleaning, maintenance etc etc...
  5. st

    st New Member

    can i ask a question that is vaguely along the same lines ?

    I am installing an electric oven (wattage uncertain at the mo) but i got a pro in to do the wiring job.

    he used 6mm cable and has left me the cable sticking out the wall (at my request until i am certain of the exact kitchen measurement- MCB is not installed yet.)

    a lot of posts suggest i need a 45 amp DP switch (fine) but also that i need a cooker cable connection unit.

    surely the 45 amp dp switch is enough - cable from Consumer unit into one side of switch and cable from cooker into other side of switch.

    so what am i missing ?

  6. supersparky

    supersparky New Member

    the cooker conn plate is mainly for convenience....and if taht cablegets burnt, you are. with all due respect, ****!


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  7. st

    st New Member

    sorry SS, but i dont understand your reply

    can you elaborate
  8. supersparky

    supersparky New Member

    The cooker connection plate is there for convenience!!!
    if you burn the link cable that runs between the cooker and the outlet plate, you can replace, if you dont have that outlet plate you have to rip out the wall and put a whole new length to the switch,....

  9. st

    st New Member

    of course

    cheers ss

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