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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by trustedman, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. trustedman

    trustedman New Member

    I had a DeWalt DW62, until the motor caught fire the other day. It was rubbish imposible to adjust and always made horrific noises. My friends one did the same too.

    Does anyone suggest a better saw? Is the Orca 5866? What about the Makita 5704RK
  2. nivek

    nivek New Member

    ive got the makita 5704rk and am most chuffed with it .

  3. hab

    hab New Member

    The Skil "Orca" is a good ,strong saw with some useful features but like some other American saws it does not have a riving knife.There are arguments both ways about this but it does mean that it can be used for plunge cuts.It has a very nice feature whereby the blade guard can be raised by means of a thumb lever without exposing the hand to the blade - this makes plunging safer.I personally doubt that a riving knife is needed unless you are ripping green or unstable timber and , even then, it may not be a problem with the modern type of tungsten carbide tipped blade.
    Skil do know about portable saws - they invented them!
    Best regards, Hab
  4. bonnie the botch

    bonnie the botch New Member

    Ive been usingt a skil machine for a few years now . im happy with it but im looking at a festool machine next time , but i want a drive on one first , heard very good reports on them.
  5. nivek

    nivek New Member

    yeah i was looking at the festool saw in rutlands and it does look to be the dogs testicles i particularly like the look of their guide rail.
    i will be getting one on monday.

    but only if i get 5 and the bonus on saturday lol.
  6. bonnie the botch

    bonnie the botch New Member

    you and me both.
  7. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    i used the festool saw and rail the other day with an extractor on and it was superb streets ahead of any other saw i have ever used
  8. mj

    mj Guest

    my old dw62 bit he dust last year, i bit the bullet & went for the festool & guide rail. It's the muts nuts, best power tool i ever bought!
  9. bigwavedave

    bigwavedave New Member

    I've had both and although the Skill is very good I do prefer the Makita. Only ever use Festool cordless drills and they are awesome, when the Makita dies I will be having a serious look at the Festool.
  10. foxy

    foxy New Member

    I have an Orca and cannot fault it.The plunge lock broke on the first but that was probably due to my overtightening it. Its light and with a freud pro blade cut everything i put in front of it with ease.
    The Festool looks the nuts but is in a totally different price bracket.
  11. chappers

    chappers Member

    if you can afford it then get a festool the clamp on guide aside it is probably one of the best saws on the market.
    If its for heavy duty stuff then try and get an old AEG I nearly cried when mine finally packed up. I have yet to see a more powerful saw.
  12. chappers

    chappers Member

    sorry got carried away reminissing and forgot to add, before I got the festool I had the makita and thought it was rubbish, ok for sheets but not enough power for ripping along the grain or cutting at maximum depth used to bind and kickback all the time which used to scare the **** out of me.
    Gave it away to my mate who is a kitchen fitter.
  13. r2d2.

    r2d2. New Member

    "DEWALT has made great efforts to develop and maintain its reputation for quality. Sellers of counterfeit or “knock-off” merchandise attempt to trade off the well-earned reputation of DEWALT. Sales of such goods damage the reputation of DEWALT and deceive unsuspecting purchasers. Many purchasers of inferior non- DEWALT products incorrectly attribute the poor quality of the merchandise to DEWALT."
    You buy that Dewalt on e-bay by any chance Tim??.Regards r2d2
  14. bonnie the botch

    bonnie the botch New Member

    hey r2d2 r you being sponserd by DEWALT!!!! or what lol
  15. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    R2D2, I have looked at all my dewalt tools that I got from ebay to check they are 'real'. They are real, even went to the BnQ warehouse that has a large selection on display, just to check. They must be very good fakes.......well the ones I got anyway.

    The feedback would be poor if they fake??
    I've seen makita fakes and you know staright away.
  16. Evs

    Evs New Member

    If you do get the festool and guiderail make sure you order guiderail clamps as well
  17. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    1 very rarely have use clamps with the guide rail although i have got them for when i need
  18. trustedman

    trustedman New Member

    Hi R2d2,

    No I purchased the saw from Screwfix. Currently all my tools are DeWalt. I used to be under the illusion that just because it was DeWalt meant that it was the best, this is not true. I can find fault with most of DeWalt kit. The DW62 is a rubbish piece of kit. It is impossible to adjust accurately, the bearings gave up after a year and the motor burnt out after 18 months, you are not telling me that is a good reputation for quality. My friends saw did the same too.
  19. trustedman

    trustedman New Member

    With regard to ebay, i refuse to buy tools of it because I read that a huge proportion of them a stolen. Having had a drill pinched the other year I am not going to create a market for stolen tools buy purchasing them of the web.
  20. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    tim'll fix it, all my dewalt tooling from ebay is brand new and boxed. Also, a lot are a part of a proper shop (theres a big warehouse/shop in buxton for tooling) and they do auctions for lots of dewalt stuff.

    You are wrong about ebay.........if you buy new anyway. You are throwing your money away, as these small companys are showing up the huge mark up from some bigger companys.

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