cistern lid replacement!!!!!!help!

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by house and home, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. house and home

    house and home New Member

    I have posted this in the plumbers section also so forgive me if you have already read it in there!!!!!

    Its a massive long shot but I thought I would ask! My mum has dropped her cistern lid when doing a bit of DIY on her old toilet! its a royal venton coronet design toilet with a seperate cistern, the way I would describe it is, a toilet sat away from the wall, and the cistern is perched on the wall approx 12 inch above the toilet, it enters the toilet via a plastic 1.5 inch pipe (approx) she has dropped and smashed the lid, anyone know where I can get a new lid for her, seen one on ebay but its pink! I know I could get it sprayed but its going to be dear and its down near london.....and im from doncaster!!!!! any advice from anyone please!
  2. gadget man

    gadget man Screwfix Select

    Try your local plumbers merchants, I'm sure one of them will advise!
  3. chocice

    chocice New Member

    hi, not sure how much the replacement lid is on ebay, but it may be just as cost effective to do away with the old cistern completely and purchase a new one.

    if your mum is not too bothered perhaps swop it for a slimline plastic cistern?? all still available from most good plumbers/builders merchants.
  4. house and home

    house and home New Member

    cheers for the responses, that was my next option replacing whole cistern,,,,,,,only thing stopping me doing that was the walls are textured in the bathroom.........done round the cistern so if the new one is slightly smaller the walls will look odd! you all know what its like, one job leads to another then another and another!!!ok if its for a customer cos the bill just goes up but for mothers!!!!its whats expected of you!
  5. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Last made in 1936...there won't be too many kicking around!
  6. JarraMag

    JarraMag New Member

    Just get 1 a little bigger then.
  7. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Or some cheese!
  8. focus2008

    focus2008 New Member

    It's a long shot, but when I go to my local tip they have a area where the store all the old toilet sinks, taps and bath ect. At my local tip if you see something you want you just make them a offer of a few quid and it yours.
  9. meebabs

    meebabs New Member

    try contacting George Jones in Bristol. If they don't have what you want they can usually get especially cisterns/lids and bogs etc.
  10. house and home

    house and home New Member

    the lads at my local tip are complete jobsworths!!!!! they are t055ers! they even make you strip the sellotape off of the wrapping paper! I have seen somenone before ask them for a 2nd hand blanket for his car to protect it and got the answer:- "that blanket is our property now! if you try and take it, its classed as theft and we will have to inform the police!" needless to say the bloke just drove off laughing and shaking his head!
  11. focus2008

    focus2008 New Member

    House & Home you surpise me. Our local tip are open to offer on everything. My 14 year old son likes to come with me as he looks through the collection of old golf clubs(most are in good condition)and he normaly pays 50p a club and they are plenty good enough for his standard of play. This is what a 'Recycle Centre' is for!

    Good luck with the lid
  12. house and home

    house and home New Member

    Im suprised myself! I thought anyone working at a dump-it-site/recycle centre would welcome a small donation to their favourite charity ;) for something that would have gone into landfill or such like!....saying that I have watched them going through bags of clothing etc checking pockets and bags just in case! of a little gold nugget!.....they are like vultures themselves but dont want anyone else taking anything from the skips etc!

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