citroen/peugeot/fiat clutch problems?

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by floataboat, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. floataboat

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    Hi, and I hope one and all have a good new year!
    I'm looking at getting either a relay,boxer or ducato van, not new, but around 4yrs old. Everywhere I read on the 'net seems to suggest their clutches are a bit 'iffy' and can need changing every 20k miles or so?? this seems ridiculous this day and age. I only know one bloke with a boxer, his has done 130k with no problems. Could anyone pass further comment?
    many thanks,
  2. DNR Plumbing

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    Folk often overload vans so clutches fail sooner than they should,
    Most vans arnt owned by the driver so care with driving isn't high priority so vans get abused and brake
    The vans also suffer from premature turbo failure often due to poor servicing or lack of,
    Change the oil and filters often and drive with care and any vehicle will survive better
  3. floataboat

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    Thanks for your reply. I wasn't aware of any turbo problems, maybe I should look at an alternative. I ran a movano for around 10 years and spent a small fortune on it mechanically. I now have a sprinter and like many of them, rust is becoming an issue. I believe transits can also suffer this way? Ho hum, what to do? ?
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    VW Transporter.
  5. DNR Plumbing

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    Have known piston ring problems
    Engine faliure from 5k and not under warranty look on google for the horror stories
    I worked in the motor trade on a fleet of 3000 vans and honestly wouldn't buy anything but a transit for the money you can't go wrong but you have to look after them properly
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