Clayboard and uneven footing

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    My footings are 1.8m from ground and some of the side walls have caved leaving uneven sides.
    I need to fit 50mm clay boards ( opted for 50 mm jablite)
    What would be the best method for fix theses to the uneven side of footing.

    Also what would I backfill the voids with and can I fill trench with some boards left in situ?
  2. stuart44

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    Stand them in like this. You can drive some rebar through into the sides.
  3. Rob_bv

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    We use metal bar with an 8" cross bar welded to them to stake the boards from the other side of the trench (usually braced by a wooden pegs). Depending on your area, your BCO might insist on keeping the clay board 500mm above the bottom of the trench (current job in Warwickshire is like that).
  4. stevie22

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    It should start 3-500 up. We found the easiest way is to get that amount or concrete into the hole stand the clayboard in and drop more concrete in to pin the bottom of the board. rather than try to fix it ahead of time.

    What you need to avoid is wet concrete getting under the board as it will then try to float. Keep the concrete stiff.
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