Cleaning around worktop mitre joints

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Nic99, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Nic99

    Nic99 New Member

    Im looking for some advise please, ive made some mitre joints on laminate granite effect matt finish kitchen worktops and sealed them with colourfill,ive cleaned the worktops with the chemical stuff that came with the colourfill but they seem to have changed colour in the area either side of the joint and gone very dull, ive tried white spirits but doesnt improve it.Has anyone else experienced this problem and any advise would be appreciated, the customer says it looks white streaky and scratched but it was only a soft cloth i used but i did have a real good go of cleaning it, lol.Thanks in advance.
  2. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    try baby oil. Its a bodge and will clean off eventually, but on matt tops it gives them some shine, for a while at least. I think in reality the tops are shagged.
  3. Nic99

    Nic99 New Member

    thks joe, what about tcut or anything like that?
  4. handcraft

    handcraft New Member

    i think whats happened is when you have jointed the tops the colorfill has leaked onto the surface and dried and im guessing the cleaning fluid didnt help to take it off

    the moral of the story is colourfill isnt a good product to work with you should have pva glued them together

  5. tea_time

    tea_time New Member

    Colorfill is easy to work with, however if your new to the product there is some learning to do..

    Turn any heating down, in really warm rooms you get no work time at all.
    apply only very small amounts at a time.

    when you make a mess on the laminate and colorfill has dried, add a little more then rub with your finger it will remove the original the same way "plumbers mate" does. dont apply too much pressure you will end up with a blister, light pressure circular motion, this should remove it to the point its only seen using the reflected light, then use cleaning fluid to totally clean.

    the cleaning fluid supplied should have been Acetone. this should not have caused any damage to the laminate it evaporates too quick.

    I have seen in the past a "white clouding effect" this was washed away with mild soapy water on a soft cloth. (caused by the mix of glue residue on the plastic protective coating you peel from the worktop + cleaning fluid used to remove colorfill).
    any kind of abrasive scouring pad/clothe or abrasive cream cleaner or T-cut would give a dulling effect on laminates. such as you described, also if anyone tries to scrape colorfill from laminate this can cause the finish to become dull and leaving white marks.

    Baby oil would only be making the shine/color re-appear the same as any oily product would when light bounces from it.

    hope any of what ive written helps for future encounters with colorfill :)
  6. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    nic use an acetone over the top again with a soft cloththen use cif multi surface cleaner over the area after this should clear any residue left by the acetone :)
  7. nskitchenfitting

    nskitchenfitting New Member

    Try Using "Amberclense

    RANTER New Member

    try using a new cutter for each pair of joints,use clear mastic to seal the joint after making sure surface is perfectly shouldnt have to use any filler atall,atall,atall.practice may be boring but it sure as hell beats **ing up a worktop at your own expense.ta ta.

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