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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Coopers, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Coopers

    Coopers New Member

    Hi we had a logburner installed seated on slate but the plasterer dropped his plaster splats over it. I'm panicking as it won't scrub clean. I've tried a recommended mix of vinegar, bicarb and lemon juice paste to soak for 20mins. Nothing.
    Help!! Any ideas on how to clean the slate would be amazing.
  2. masterdiy

    masterdiy Well-Known Member

    Let me get this right... You want to Wipe the Slate Clean??? :D
    Couldn't resit that one....
    I'll get me coat.
  3. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Would never use lemon,vinegar on slate, hot water & a few spots of washing up liquid, sponge it, or use rag,nail brush,might need to done several times,should remove it.

    When you have slate nice & clean, then you want to seal it witrh some slate sealer.
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  4. Coopers

    Coopers New Member

    I tried that first then read up on Google about the vinegar combi. It just seems so ingrained now in places
  5. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Well-Known Member

    If you have a bit of slate left over from your project, try using a bit of brick acid on it. It should be fine, but does depend on how much lime there is in the slate.
    If it is indeed fine, then just use a bit of brick acid to remove the plaster.
    I had a lot of multifinish plaster spattered on my quarry tile floor and it cleaned off almost without any scrubbing effort, leaving the quarry tiles spotless and ready to a good quality sealant.
  6. Coopers

    Coopers New Member

    That's great - thank you. I've found a product from Screwfix which I'm going to try today - so fingers crossed - if that doesn't work I will try the brick acid.

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