Climate change as an excuse

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by quasar9, Apr 3, 2024.

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    Far too many companies are using climate change as an excuse for poor service or inflationary increases in prices.

    I can understand the issues for agricultural commodities especially cocoa .

    Even issues for water companies as they struggle with excess rain fall in winter and droughts in summer although they should have planned better as this change is not an overnight issue

    but the railways ? I think this taking the liquid waste ! Bet they got some expensive consultants and asked them, “we well know we provide a rubbish service at eye watering prices but how can we make ourselves look like heroes and cover ourselves with glory ? “. The consultants having though long and hard, and spent months writing up a report, said you can blame all your issues on climate change. This will cover failing bridges, wobbly tracks and all signalling issues. You can use this excuse for uncomfortably hot carriages in summer, freezing ones in winter and delays of every kind.

    Can’t hear any rail company anywhere in the world using that excuse !
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    They had more important issues though, which was to give as much as they could to the board and shareholders, not upgrading the system.

    As we are at the moment between ice ages, with the world doing it's thing, it is a great excuse for governments and big companies to rip the public blind. Especially the net zero scam.
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    My favvorite is recycling, we spend half of our lives sorting out what goes in which bin, looking for recycle me stickers on packaging. Then all of the bins gets tipped into landfill. Great.
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