Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Level 3 and has a flow rate of 4 litres per minute at 3 bar

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  1. Kitchen tap.

    What sort of restrictor would be used, and would they be easily removable?

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    I have no idea what you're on about :oops:
  3. :)

    I was looking at a new tap, and then read the CSH stuff in the body of the description. Seems these taps have serious flow restrictors in them - limiting them to around 4lpm at 3bar.

    The weird thing is, tho', they are also suitable for use down to 0.3 bar. That leads me to suspect the restrictors are removable?
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    Yeh there must be removal flow restrictors in them.

    4lpm is 1 litre per 15 seconds, that's a reasonable flow I think? However I'd expect a dribble at 0.3bar unless there's something in the way that can be removed.

    My bathroom taps are rated at 0.5 bar minimum, tank is barely 2m above (0.2 bar) and the flow is "OK" for washing hands and brushing teeth.
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    You have seen the link to Neoperl in te other thread - they make hundreds of different styles to Aerate and/or Restrict in different bore sizes. Some are definitely free flow! I have found it good to use an Aerator on low flow rate taps - it gives teh appearance of a greater flow.

    As for 4lpm in a kitchen - I would find that way too low.
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  6. Yeah, unless the restrictor is easy to remove, then 4lpm is too low for me too.

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