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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by youngen1, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. youngen1

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    Have just ran in a new supply for a customer on a 40a mcb to a rotary isolator, the coffee machine is only a single phase one, but a 6kw and as soon as it was powered up it would trip the rcd and on occasion the mcb. The system is a TT with a 30ma main switch, was wondering as I have never connected one of these machines up before are they prone to high earth leakage or possibly a c type mcb might help if it has a high inductive start up cheers for any help
  2. JP.

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    An IR check on the element might be a pertinent first instance fault find Young.
  3. youngen1

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    Yeah I haven't really got that far tbh, just want to make sure my install is correct and have not over looked anything obvious not really bothered about the second hand coffee machine from a mate down the road senario :)
  4. sparky Si-Fi

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    If you IR'd it with load connected between line conductors and earth, I am betting the warm-up period was not initiated, so its probably an element, also, tell them to stop being so tight and buy a new coffee machine. They will have service engineer as part of the rental programme. . .

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