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    We had sone LVF fitted a few years ago and the builder told us there was no need for extra insulation on concrete floor (house built in 1999) because there is already insulation underneath. So he layed self levelling screed and on top LVF. It's getting colder year by year, we can feel the floor being very cold.
    I was thinking to put something on top and we have 2 options:
    1. click clack LVF but this will only take max 1.5mm underlay, I'm not sure what the thermal insulation would be for it all together
    2. laminate flooring, we can use thicker underlay - up to 5mm according to my research

    Which one of them will feel warmer? We don't really want to go for under floor heating due to the running cost. The underlay & flooring chosen for either option needs to provide the best insulation as we don't need that cold feeling anymore.

    Do we have other options available? I don't want to get rid of the existing LVF because is very nice and we might want to come back to it in a few years time. Also, could be very messy getting all of it and the screed floor out.
    Thanks a lot
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    You could drill your slab to check for insulation. It could well compromise your dpc / vapour barrier but would tell you whether you have insulation below or not.

    Not much in the way of insulaiton up to 5mm will offer any noticeable benefit in my opinion but others may say different.

    You could fit a floating timber floor over say 50mm kingspan but this will play havoc with your doorways and skirting boards lol.

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