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    Im currently restoring the bay window and surrounding masonry on my victorian terrace. I have noticed there some kind of red/orange colour run on the white painted masonry above the bay window from the row of bricks above, which I am thinking may have occurred because a previous owner has used a red brick tint on them, which is now running in the rain. Have attached photo.

    has anyone got any thoughts on how to stop this colour run? I wil repaint the masonry white, and don't want to ruin all the hard work by having it stained red/orange the first time it rains!

    If it is tint it must have been there a while because we've lived in the house a year and the bay already needed work when we arrived so it must have been a good few years since it was last done and this tint applied.

    Many thanks

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  2. rogerk101

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    Stain blocker paints are designed specifically to address that problem.
    Our hosts stock a few of them.
  3. AbiH

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    Many thanks. From what I can tell most stain blockers seem to be an undercoat to be subsequently painted white (or other colour). However I wanted to leave the row of red bricks above the white masonry (where the problem is coming from) in their red colour, as in rest of street. Can you recommend a stain block which is transparent and so will leave the red bricks more or less in their current colour while sealing the colour inside them? Cheers!
  4. rogerk101

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    Something like a grout sealer would work, but you'd need to test it on a hidden area to see if it darkens the bricks permanently, or just until it dries out.
  5. AbiH

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    thanks - really helpful!

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