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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Damian Evans, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Damian Evans

    Damian Evans New Member

    Can someone confirm, if I want to add a rad to a CH system which is heated by a combi boiler, do I just turn off the mains supply and drain down the system? Or shall I just tie up the ball valve on the header tank? (I assume there is a header tank!)
  2. John@KC

    John@KC New Member

    I'm all for DIY, but I really think you need to call in a professional.
  3. webgas

    webgas New Member

    No header tank on a combi boiler, should be a flling loop beneath it.
  4. There a few combis which can be installer on open vented systems, particularly Worcester boilers.

    Since he does not bother to tell us his make and model we can only give general advice!!!

  5. Damian Evans

    Damian Evans New Member

    Sorry guys, I don't know the make. I am only learning plumbing at the moment and have not covered combi boilers, that's why I asked. I have been asked to put in a rad for a friend of a friend. We all need to start somewhere! Ok, so there is a filling loop. How does that work?

  6. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    This is a wind up right? adding a new rad and don't know about combis or filling loops?
  7. Captain Caveman 2

    Captain Caveman 2 New Member

    I have to save you from flooding someones house!

    The easiest to do it.

    Hang Rad in a suitable place
    Put Valves on
    Mark and Drill the holes
    Lift boards and find flow and return
    Make up pipework or use hep if you can't use cooper
    Turn off flow and return under boiler
    Cut into f&r, useing trays to catch excess water ( ok if downstairs!)
    Connect everything up
    Turn f&r back on and top up boiler pressurevis FILLING LOOP
    Bleed Rad

    Job done.
  8. Damian Evans

    Damian Evans New Member

    Look, I have fitted plenty of rads, but none of them were heated by a combi. Unfortunately, I wasn't born holding a blow lamp and a spanner, like you obviously was!

    Thanks to the people who have helped.
  9. J. D.

    J. D. New Member

    Be fair mate, Caveman's response was probably the most helpful! You didn't say how much experience you've got and you don't know what a filling loop is (which is fair enough as you're just training - like me incidentally) but you did sound quite green.

  10. Damian Evans

    Damian Evans New Member

    I was actually talking about Captain Leaky. The other guy has been most helpful.

    No worries, spoken to another plumber and he talked me through it...never realised it was that easy!! Anyway, thanks for all your help, and good luck JD with your training.

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