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    I have a flat which has a vented, direct combi hot water tank. There is 2 immersion heaters. One on economy 7 and another that acts as a boost at any time. It is a ground floor flat.

    I need to replace it as it is leaking and has been for some time. I am trying to decide whether to get a like for like replacement:

    or whether to get a unvented unit such as:

    Thoughts please? It only serves a kitchen and bathroom sink. 2 people live in it.

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    You probably have poor hot flow with your current setup which would improve hugely with an unvented cylinder but it would need a route for safety valve pipework drainage to either outside or an existing waste connection. And it would need someone with an unvented qualification to fit it.
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    Thanks, pressure isn't actually that bad. There is already an overflow pipe that runs to waste that could be used

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