Combined induction hob/extractor - any opinions?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by DavidMSmith, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. DavidMSmith

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    Anyone experience of combined induction/extractor hobs? Several manufacturers seem to have introduced these recently - Neff/AEG/Siemens/Miele etc. Apart from additional £££££, they seem like a brilliant solution to removing some constraints from kitchen design and being aesthetically pleasing . Also removes the chances of nasty head bangs! Do they really work as well as a traditional wall mounted extractor unit? Begs the question "Why didn't someone think of this before?" Too good to be true?
  2. rogerk101

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    I'm against integrated systems on principle ... simply because the failure of one component usually involves the replacement of the other components.
    I'm very much in favour of induction hobs.
    I'm sort of in favour of kitchen worktop level extractor fans. They're nowhere near as effective as the above the hob ones, but sometimes needs must.
    I'm not at all in favour of a combination of them both into one 'integrated product'.
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  3. DavidMSmith

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    Many thanks Roger!
  4. kitfit1

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    If an extractor is set to the right height for the customer, there is actually very little chance of them banging their head :D
    The combined hob/extractor was designed first and foremost for hobs in a breakfast bar or an island rather than against a wall. A hob set in a breakfast bar could then still be ducted to an outside wall by running the ducting under the base units. Unless an island is on a suspended floor or a floor that a builder has already installed ducting to the island, the extractor would have to used in re-circulating other words next to useless.
    In my opinion an extractor is always better when fitted above a hob and then ducted out, if it's just in re-circulating mode the result is much the same as having no hood at all.
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  5. DavidMSmith

    DavidMSmith New Member

    Many thanks!
  6. Allsorts

    Allsorts Well-Known Member

    I've been looking in to extractors recently after having wandered through a Wickes showroom and found that 'sloping' ones are now the big thing. How well do these work?

    Then I noticed on-line that the latest thing are these down-draught(?) extractors which raise out of the worktop. How effective are these. (And are there any issues with gas hobs?)

    Anyhoo, someone who was asking me about kitchens recently also asked me about these D-D extractors so I pointed out the three obvious draw-backs; they need a large depth of worktop for it to fit behind the hob, the ducting takes up the whole unit underneath and they cost a shed-load.

    Oh, and they are nobby. :)
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