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    Hi all!

    I'm looking to open a commercial fitness space in London which will have 2 shower rooms (one shower in each room). Currently there's only toilets and sinks so would be creating showers from nothing. I'm being told electric will be easier and cheaper to install. But every electric shower I've been in during my life has been so disappointing. It either doesn't get hot enough, or when you do get the temperature up it reduces itself to a piddle and eventually runs out in a few minutes anyway. The mixer shower will need a new boiler and tank installed as currently it's not big enough to heat 2 showers.

    Is it really going to be that much more expensive to install 2 mixer showers instead in the long run? I know the boiler will cost around 2k and i've been told a tank may cost 1k. The water pipes will be directly next to where the shower rooms will be created.

    My worry is being stuck with 2 awful electric showers or getting caught in an endless loop of replacing them until if/when I find one that doesn't have awful pressure when at a good heat. The building also doesn't have heating, so I'm worried in the winter the showers will be stone cold because the units won't be able to heat the showers enough.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you
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    Question one is if the supply is big enough, at 40 amp each and you can expect both to be used together have you got the option to have an instant electric shower?

    I have one in this house, as you say not as good as one using stored water, but it's OK. Parents house had a power shower using stored water, with a pump, had to be replaced with direct type as combi boiler fitted, and needed to leave it running to stabilise before use, and you could not run two.

    Is the floor strong enough to take water tank weight, and have you got the room?
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    The main issue is the running cost of the electric showers.
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    I can’t answer the question directly but know from experience that a mixer shower properly installed is an order of magnitude better than any electrically heated apology. Pay once and do the job properly.
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    Pay once and do the job properly and only cry once or cry every time the electric bill drops, fitness + women = long time in the showers.
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    Excellent question. One that i'll try answer this week when i visit the space again hopefully. The electrics are quite old however there was an obscene amount of electrics due to the space previously being an escape room.

    In regards to the water tank. There's certainly room and the floor is concrete so that shouldn't be an issue. I was thinking something along the lines of
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    Yes, that's also a concern of mine. Especially the way energy bills have been going in recent years. And of course every one will be using them on the highest setting most likely.
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    This is my view as well. I'd rather shell out a bit more. Especially because I'll be using the showers daily as well. I'm at a similar fitness space right now who has one puny elec shower which never gets used because it's simply awful. I dont want to offer the same experience at all.
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    Bear in mind with a tank you will need to put in a legionella risk assessment and control plan right from the word go.
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    Thanks for the heads up! From an initial search it doesn't seem too costly though thankfully.
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    I had one done a few years ago, it was £600 for the assessment then there was an ongoing in-house monitoring charge with an annual disinfection charge.With one tank and 2 outlets you shouln't be more than that I wouldn't think.
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    How about a self contained heat pump cylinder (or two)? Such system would provide some level of free cooling, near gas equivalent hot water cost and of course not need gas.

    With any system you’ll need to think about water water flow rate you’re going to allow and what the duty cycle will be (eg minutes run time per hour) in order to calculate the energy requirement.
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    All the replies ask very important questions and offer excellent advice however, the OP can mitigate any problems and get his sleep pattern back if he approached this in a different manner.

    Its a commercial fitness venture, advertise it as a true fitness experience, exercise and cold showers ! :p

    I'll get my coat..
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    Lateral thinking lol.
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