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  1. voxcom

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    Anyone else having a problem with Screwfix, and getting absolutley no where when they complain?

    I am starting a business to install Intruder Alarms and Access Control Systems and placed to orders with Screwfix for essential items
    that i need to install these systems. Screwfix said I could send a cheque to their Head Office in Yeovel and they would process that and I would have the items before my business start date of the 4th Jan.

    6th January - Still Nothing

    Several phone calls later, " Sorry sir we dont accept cheques"

    More phone Calls Later " Oh Ok yes we do, yours must be in a pile sat on a desl somewhere and we will get to it whenever we can"


    The Business Initiative who funded my start up company and sent them a cheque are now hassling me about not starting my company on the agreed date
    and want to know a revised date.

    More Phone calls to Screwfix - " Well sir, we dont accept cheques, it will be sent back to you "


    More Phone Calls " Ok when we find the cheque we will send the items for order number AXXXXXXXXX Blah Blah Blah "

    Me " what about the other order number, I placed to orders for the equipment "

    Screwfix " OH, we can only find one, we must have cancelled the other one and i dont know why "


    Top and bottom of it, I should have started my new business on the 4th January, Screwfix have my payment but they cant be bothered to take the time and look for it, Or even agree with themselves If they accept cheques, Cant give me a date when the items will be posted, or indeed if they ever will be.

    And Im losing money each day on business I should be doing and cant do because of them. It's tough enough for a new business to start without this happening.


  2. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    It's your fault for going about it in an arseabout face way.

    You use an order form and send your cheque with it. It gets processed(and cheque clearance may take 3 days).

    It's not the way to make an order on the phone, get someone else to send them a cheque, and expect it to be processed properly.

    You'll just have to wait.

    Next time, order by any of the recognised means, and you may then complain if it is not processed appropriately.

    Yours advisedly,

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  3. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    ....Oh, and use the appropriate contact method for complaining to the Screwfix team.

    This here is a forum for customers, that do not 'sort out' administration problems.

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  4. how3hh

    how3hh New Member

    I wwas told I could return somethin geven thoughthe builde rhad lost original packaging then, having travelled 8 miles, was denied.

    I did not buy anything and wont be using them again will use * [not B&Q their expensive owners]

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  5. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    I wouldn't trust Screwfox to look after my budgie for a week whilst I was on holiday. ;)
  6. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Why? Did they lose the last one you perch-ased?

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  7. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Very true Lucy. A few years ago they lokked after my pet budgerigar, whilst I was on holiday in the Bahama's. When I returned, they'd mislaid the budgie and tried to fob me off with an African Grey, painted blue and green. It looked nothing like my pet. Not even close.
    After complaining to the MD of Kingfisher.scam, they provided me with a couple of love birds. However they ran away and took up prostitution. I was not a happy bunny I can tell you. ;)
  8. solent tools

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  9. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    You should approach screwfix management and ask them to place a link to your business on their website.

    That's the proper way to go about things.

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really

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