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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by will, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. will

    will New Member

    Hi, I fit kitchens for a living and i am after a really good mitre saw at a realistic price to cut cornice & pelmet. I have tryed every one of them at B & Q and they are all rubbish. Any ideas. Oh and what does double bevel cut mean
  2. Evs

    Evs New Member

    Hi Will, I am a kitchen fitter also and I have just bought a Dewallt 708. Granted it is pricey at £500 + VAT but it has a 12" blade which allows for very deep cornice and a double bevel (cuts 45 deg left and right in the vertical plane). The radial action also gives me a cross cut of 12" which is handy for cutting & mitering plinth and small panels when customising. Though the most important thing is to change the blade on any machine you purchase to one that is designed to cut double faced melamine, i.e. has the most teeth for that size of blade. My blade has 96 teeth and is teflon coated (cost £80). Your mitre saw (along with your Jig and Router) is one of the most imortant tools for a kitchen fitter so it is wise to invest in agood one.
    Best of luck
  3. will

    will New Member

    HI thanks for replying. what do you think of a Makita LS 1040 Priced at £200
  4. New Member

    I have a De-walt 707. I only got it because it seems to be the industry standard. It performs very well with a 60 tooth blade. The main thing to check with the cheaper machines is if they do not have a radial arm/pull over facility they will not quite cut the standard 150mm plinth which is a real pain, also the de-walt I have will not take the taller type cornices on some of the trendier Magnet type kitchens so these have to be done on my old hand mitre saw. Hope this is of use to you.
  5. Chips

    Chips New Member

    Hi will
    Whatever you decide to buy, always make sure to have your blade regularly sharpened.
    A blunt blade will not cut a perfect line?
  6. mof

    mof Member

    Yes mate,its got to be a De Walt or Makita or maybe an Elecra Becum,those cheap ones are no good.
  7. Union Jack

    Union Jack New Member

    I have a Makita 1040 and have to say its brilliant.
    I wanted the sliding compound mitre saw but couldn't stretch to it (I am not a professional).
    I am gradually replacing all my cheap **** with Makita where possible.

    The saw is very accurate, easy to use and leaves a very good crisp finish, best mitres I have ever done.
    Preset angles can be selected or you can easily setup your own.
    Axminster usually does good deals.

    Good Luck
  8. kesh

    kesh New Member

    I Just ordered a nutool 10" Radial arm mitre saw from - for less than £100!!. I'll let you know how it performs when it arrives.
  9. herman gelmet

    herman gelmet New Member

    I can only recommend the Makita LS1013.It does everything well. And you can limit the depth of cut for trenching, and it will go to 52deg. on one side.
  10. kesh

    kesh New Member

    I Just ordered a nutool 10" Radial arm mitre saw from - for less than £100!!. I'll let you
    know how it performs when it arrives.

    OK it arrived - amazing! it took a while to set up because all the angles need to be set manually with a square- which means you can always set it up to cut true in the future. Did some trial cuts & it works great.
    Downsides - no preset mitre stops & the mitre gauge is only stuck on (I'll probably make my own marks or use a square).Overall for this money :). New blade next!
  11. capnpugwash

    capnpugwash New Member

    What does radial arm mean? I need a saw to occasionally cut up to 12inches. £600 is not realistic for me.
  12. capnpugwash

    capnpugwash New Member

    I did buy a cheapo B&Q saw but it ripped the wood to bits and would not quite cut all the way through. Are you supposed to to cut towards or away as obviously this will determine how the blade is "meeting" the wood.
  13. kesh

    kesh New Member

    Radial arm is when the blade & motor are mounted on a sliding bar that increases the length if the cut. My new 10" will only cut 12" timbers at 90 degrees so if you need different angles you would need a bigger saw.
  14. capnpugwash

    capnpugwash New Member

    Kesh - had a look on DIYTOOLS site but cannot get anything other than DeWalt at their normal inflated prices. Nutool not even mentioned in manufacturer list, where did you see it listed?
  15. kesh

    kesh New Member

  16. kesh

    kesh New Member

    O.K I checked the link & it actually worked! The miracles of modern technology ! :)
  17. capnpugwash

    capnpugwash New Member

    Silly me! I was looking on DIYTOOLS.COM. You still recommend it for occasional use? I realise it would have to be set up. The last (B&Q) sqaw tool most of an afternoon to cut square (and consistently). Any recommmendation for a good general purpose blade. Call me a tight old capn but I can't help thinging that the likes of DeWalt are taking the p**s. £300 for a drill - basically a elec motov with a chuck on the end! Also how comes the 18V is nigh on twice the price of the 14V ?? Thanks again.
  18. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    kesh, The saw you refer to that diytools say is a radial arm saw is strictly speaking a 'sliding compound mitre saw'
    A true radial arm saw is very expensive & able to cross cut up to 18" or 24" & also rip cut up to 2/3 the cross cut distance as the head can be turned 90º. They often accept spindle moulders & routers. Its a serious piece of kit. Check the Screwfix 'big stuff' catalogue to see the Charnwood which, at £600, is very cheap for a radial arm saw.
  19. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    will, if u fit kitchens 4 a living,y r u pi**ing about with b&q stuff? get an electra beckam kg300 or tink it is now the 301with motor brake, my one is the bees knees on sitebut takes so long 4 the blade 2 b still (induction motor)and so quiet!!!! surley a double bevel is a compound miter :)
  20. kesh

    kesh New Member

    Thanks for the info Dewy, I just repeated what I had been told! I looked in "big stuff" & agree it's completely different. Sliding it is then! Perhaps this is what pugwash is after

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