Composite door keeps sticking

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Neeidea, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Neeidea

    Neeidea New Member

    Hi I posted this on the carpenter's forum under wrong title, no reply.
    Basically I need to adjust the hinge on my composite door but cannot remove top cap of hinge to have a look. Any suggestions?

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  2. Kitser

    Kitser New Member

    How old is door? It may be under warranty by installer still if you're that the hinge??? Can you take a pic of whole door and frame. Has it the aluminium threshold or pvc frame at bottom. Lots of problems with single rebate door rubber seals if poorly fitted. Messing with hinges might make your problems worse. Send pic
  3. carl24bpool

    carl24bpool Active Member

    I'm pretty sure on this type you remove that screw in the photo and then pry open the cap of the hinge.

    If not then open the door and the screw release may be on the other side of the hinge but I'm 90% sure its the crew in your photo that comes all the way out.

    Dont ever just adjust one hinge. You need to release the adjustment on the opposite side or you will warp the door.
  4. Neeidea

    Neeidea New Member

    Thank you for your help. After alot of shifting about we realised it's the door frame that's weighing down. Il need to take door frame off. Insert some timber then reposition frame and screw above and below the frame
  5. carl24bpool

    carl24bpool Active Member

    Insert some timber where? You mean to pack the door up?

    If anything leave the hinge side of the door fixed and release all other areas and fix back square.
  6. Neeidea

    Neeidea New Member

    The door frame is bowing. Both the top and bottom. That's why the door is catching just before it fully closes. We tried for ages to amend the hinges until we the door is being squashed mainly from above. We used. 4 inch screw to screw the frame from inside up hoping I would catch on some wood hence pulling the frame upwards, releasing any force placed on the door but there was nothing for the screw to attach to. The frames were not fitted properly. That's why they are bowing. So my plan is to remove the door. Remove the frames. Instil some timber above and below. Replace frames and screw in the framea to th ne timber with the intention. Of relieving pressure placed on the door.
  7. carl24bpool

    carl24bpool Active Member

    Can you not pack it up from below?

    A simple way to reinstall these doors is to remove the door and frame. Close and lock the door so the door and frame are as one. Then offer it into position and get it plum and most importantly square (measure the diagonal both ways. You should be able to tell by the gap around the edge of the door itself whether you have it in the right place. Tweak it with packers until its exactly where it needs to be.

    Then use expanding foam all the way around it and leave it to set. Then come back, open the door and use your proper fixings.

    I find this way to be good as it avoids any twisting of the frame during installation and ensures the door site into the frame nicely when it closes.

    Failing that you need to remove the door from the hinges but some of these door have fiddly little packing rings under the hinges and getting all three lots in can be rather fiddly and annoying at times.

    Good luck.

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