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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by blakmumba, Jan 1, 2014.

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    Hi all, I've never fitted a kitchen and so far have really done well with the base units and worktop. My problem is that I have a composite Cooke & Lewis sink which I need to drill a hole for my new tap. Underneath the sink there is a semi pre-cut type of hole (like cut half way in as a template) and now I need a 32mm hole saw but don't know which 1 to get?. Does it have to be a diamond holesaw?.
    Please could someone advise me or link me to the type of product that I need as this would be much appreciated.

    As always thanks
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  3. snezza30

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    The hole size for a Kitchen sink tap is 35mm, not 32mm!

    The best hole saw for cutting out composite tap holes is undoubtedly a Diamond holesaw, but if you only have 1 hole to do then one similar to what DA suggested will suffice. They are a lot cheaper and, as he said, take your time and it will cut through eventually. Drill a pilot hole through from underneath first, then flip the sink over and drill the 35mm hole out from above.

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    Some of the composite sinks, have the hole, "almost" cut through and the instructions tell you to hit it at a certain point with a punch and hammer. To be honest, I've never been comfortable with the MI's approach on these ones. Much better to drill out with the correct sized hole saw. ;);)
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    the ceramic one's are the same JJ I hate those beggars I do,
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    I tried breaking out one of those tap holes in a ceramic Villeroy & Boch sink, about 20 years ago.
    The next day, when I got back to site, there was a hairline crack between the tap hole and the back of the sink.
    It cost me over £500 (Trade price) for a replacement sink plus the time it took to remove the original sink and replace it with a new one. Never tried doing another one like that since.

    The next day I went out a bought a Diamond 35mm Starret cutter. I am still using the same cutter, and although a bit worn now, it still has plenty of life left in it. Back then, it was about £30.......god knows how much they are now!

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