Compulsory vaccinations for tradesmen

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Joe the Plumber, Jul 14, 2021.

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    I don't watch the BBC so can't say if they report it or not. If you think it is in some way a conspiracy of covering up anything of this sort I think you are, again, mistaken. There are multiple publicised statistical studies with significant data sets to work with taking place to see if there is any significant link with, for example, blood clotting.

    I would like to see the statistics of those who have died of blood clotting following the vaccine and those who have not.

    Correlation does not equal causation, so your anecdotal account of a 26 year old dying is just about meaningless (although a tragedy for his family) in drawing any larger scale conclusion; or if, indeed, it was even caused by the vaccine.

    Interestingly preliminary studies show that the extremely rare blood clotting phenomenon only occurs with the Astrazeneca vaccine and not the vaccines created using rMNA technology.
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    People ARE also dying due to covid.

    The old Covid 19 has certainly opened up some interesting debate... it surely will be a case studied way into the future, time will tell, if either for or against, had the jab, or didnt, who was right or who was wrong...maybe it wont even be down to right or wrong-but for sure, some boffins somewhere will make a living out of analysing the stats in the next 30-40 years to come.
    Ive heard of a few families that are actually at war with each other over conflicting views..
    Lets all stay safe and try and get back to some sort of normality assp
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    It's all here

    I appreciate there is a lot of information to digest but essentially serious side effects are very rare. As Adamfya says, the risk of complications and death is very much greater than vaccination, even at lower age bands.

    I looked up the data and roughly 500 people have died of COVID aged between 40 and 50. About 4 people in the same age group die of electrocution each year. No deaths as a result of the vaccine.
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    An interesting read. I note that as of July there was 1 death caused by blood clots following the Astrazeneca vaccine. As I said before, correlation does not equal causation.

    All of these were over the age of 31, and none following the Moderna vaccine.

    I am wondering if they have missed the young man, 26, mentioned in previous posts or was this a recent case? I seem to remember it being mentioned by the poster some time ago, but I may be wrong.
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    As with all medicines, there will be those who suffer side effects, but in comparison the the volume of doses given, that number is tiny. Add to this the fact that the blood clot issue with AZ and Myocarditis issue with Pfizer, have been identified and patients told what to look out for.
    Both blood clots and myocarditis can easily be treated in nearly every case if caught early, and as people are now aware of what to look out for far fewer people are having complications.
    The risk from covid is far greater than the vaccine in adults. In children the case is not so clear, it is likely that children are safer simply being infected and gaining immunity that way. But we will see what happens next.
    I think your stance is wrong Bianco, but I don't agree with compulsory vaccination, so despite disagreeing with you, I would fight your corner to make your own choices.
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    Good summary Tony.

    I think I would add that while I firmly believe in the vaccine, I think that those who choose not to have it are within their rights but are potentially putting others at risk and therefore if an employer choses to say no jab no job then that attitude must be respected and if a customer or a venue refuses entry than that's their prerogative too.
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    Totally agree Stevie

    I have to say, putting on my advertising that I'm fully vaccinated, and having obtained my paper "vaccine passport" (its huge, sheet of A4 size!!) from the NHS has not done my business any harm at all.

    I have gained a lot of elderly customers and a lot of work from 2 local care home, that I had never set foot in before
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  8. billathome65

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    This is unlawful discriminatory contreviens human rights and will create a 2 tier society where the unvaccinated become the new Jews. My wife's a nurse being forced to take this jab or loose her job. What happened to all the moon clappers who a few months ago stood outside clapping like seals thanking the nurses? This is disgusting based on all the evidence showing this is less harmful than the Asian flu from a few years back.

    For those playing down the medical harms issues I would suggest you check out the yellow card reports regarding these jabs. These reports are from GPS who report the side effects to the government. You will be shocked at the amount of fatalities from these jabs in just 7 months.

    I for one will not be cohersed or bullied into taking the jab and even though I have worked and paid into the system for 40 years. If this leads to me being discriminated against and prevented from taking part in society then the laws in this country will not be respected by me and I will do whatever I want and feel is right for myself and my family. If that means becoming a criminal then so be it.
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    I think you would do well to read the detail of the proposed legislation here. It applies to care homes. That’s it. Care homes. Nothing about private homes.
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    If someone has been vaccinated and it's as good as it's played up to be. The how can someone who has not been vaccinated pose any risk to a vaccinated? Logic would show that the only person at risk is the one who's not vaccinated based on all the information about how great the jab is. Jab = milder symptoms from a virus that already has a 99.9% survival rate thats not my figures that's the government's. People need to use logic. Vaccines are developed to fight 1 particular disease and protect you from getting that disease. This jab does not protect you or stop it from being spread so by the FDA's own criterion does not even meet the guidelines to be a vaccine.

    I have no issue with people taking this I have issues that people's rights to refuse are being railroaded by every means available with government sanction.

    The last time that happened millions of Jewish people where slaughtered. How long will it be before the unvaccinated become the New Jews????
  11. billathome65

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    If you honestly believe that it will stop at care homes then there is nothing else I can say.

    They are already saying no jab no pub or nightclubs for the younger people. Employers are already threatening staff with no jab no job pubs are already refusing entry to people who are unable or unwilling to comply with their demands to show us your papers.

    This will be a mission creep where in the end your every move will be monitored as the NHS app has already been updated to include domestic passport fia your phone.

    If your comfortable with any of this and are happy to stand back or join in with the mob as people are discriminated against then where do we go as a society?

    Sorry I'd rather be marched out and shot in the head than agree to any of this.
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    With respect there is so much in your post that doesn't make sense it is difficult to know where to begin so I will just concentrate on one statement.

    "This jab does not protect you or stop it from being spread so by the FDA's own criterion does not even meet the guidelines to be a vaccine."

    Can you quote the FDA criteria for a vaccine that the various covid vaccines do not meet?
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    The facts show that whilst cases have risen deaths and hospitalisation have not. In fact deaths have flat lined. Also the cases of people who have been hospitalised appears to be those who have been double jabbed rather than the unjabbed work that one out.
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    Can you refer to the specific statistics on this particularly the last claim.

    this post started out with a mis understanding of the legislation and it’s always useful to refer back to the primary sources of information to see what is really going on
  15. billathome65

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    A vaccine is a medication that prevents or lowers a person's chances of contracting a serious disease that's basic terms. If it don't make sence than that is down to your own perseptions not on what's been stated by me. Check out the yellow card reports up to 14th July 2021 bearing in mind mass jabbing only began in November 2020 and see the side effects and fatalities already recorded.
  16. Muzungu

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    I asked for a link to the FDA's criteria for a vaccine that you say the Covid vaccines do not meet. You made a factual statement. Can you give either a link or a quote directly from the FDA that supports your statement?
  17. billathome65

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    Sage report stating hospitalisation being of those already vaccinated. Government graphs showing that whilst infections have gone up deaths haven't media information detailing the same. Its freely available to find if you care to look.

    Would you like the link to the yellow card reports on fatalities?

    Thing is no matter what facts are presented we now live in a society where unless you agree with the official line your information is not relevant and no matter what references are given even if they are governments own ill be rounded on and attacked.

    The confusion is not really a confusion as it starts with care and nursing staff then it creeps further and further.

    My wife who is 54 has worked in the care field since she was 14 years old originally volunteering. She has progressed and been a nurse now for over 15 years she nursed many with alleged covid from the start with limited to no adaquate PPE she is now being told submit to the jab or loose your job? How is that fair how is it OK now to discriminate against her and other care workers when the NHS is supposed to be on its ****. What you think sacking nurses is going to do?

    The informations out there and not Karen of facebook.

    Feel free to research and come to your own informed conclusions.
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    What is your idea then Bill, to get the world back on its feet again??
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  20. billathome65

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    The statement was the FDA's own criteror would meen that this would not be classed as a vaccine.

    What I'll do is give you a link to the CDC
    Stating what a vaccine is

    The covid jab does not prevent or stop transmission as covid mutates into different varients a vaccine would not prevent or stop transmission as vaccines are developed to kick-start immunity to help fight 1 specific disease.

    If this isn't to your liking feel free to believe what you want.

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