Compulsory vaccinations for tradesmen

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Joe the Plumber, Jul 14, 2021.

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    Supposition and guesswork ... NOT FACT

    So, from te first link 115000 deaths in a year. Based on your claimed 99.9% survival rate that means a further 115million people in the UK will catch Covid in the next year. With something over 60m inhabitants - not quite possible.
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    A perfect example of your lack of comprehension. Note the following paragraph from the document you link, I am assuming you do so in your attempt to show the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. That you have not even bothered to read, or not understood, your own references says it all.

    "Given that the median incubation period is 5 days, the distribution indicates that most
    vaccinated hospitalised patients were infected shortly before or around the time of vaccination,
    and the remainder after vaccination but before immunity had developed (immunization)"

    This goes beyond parody.
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    The third link does seem to demonstrate the vaccine has a dramatic reduction on hospital admission.

    I suppose if we forget all the science for a minute. We seen lockdown rules lifted before and massive numbers of deaths and hospital admissions. Why has it not happened now? The only difference is the prevalence of vaccination or is there something I am missing?
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    This is now getting beyond a joke. I have already quoted a paragraph from that exact document you link to. I will do so again:

    It is important to note that Yellow Card data cannot be used to derive side effect rates or compare the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccinations as many factors can influence ADR reporting.

    That you are linking to references that disprove your opinions is laughable.
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    You keep sticking that up but keep forgetting to mention total fatalities under Pfizer jabs under AstraZenica jabs under Maderna Jabs as I said the have come from report that doctors felt where linked to the jabs.

    It is the yellow card system that is used to develop the patient information sheet in medicine boxes they are possible side effects. And I ain't taking that risk you go for it
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    If someone is vaccinated and the vaccines are so good then why would an unvaccinated person be of any risk to someone who has been vaccinated. So with that in mind threatening anyone that if they are not vaxed they can't work go to the pub etc has no logic to it because the only person at risk is the person who has not been vaccinated but at risk from what getting something which to 99.9% of the global population has no long term harmful effect. I know that don't answer your question but when we are talking about basically having to submit to an unneeded jab to access society is very dangerous what next it's where this is all leading which is my issue but people just want to divert from that by gasdlighting.
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    Again, more misinformation. You say the yellow card reports "come from report that doctors felt where linked to the jabs". Firstly no they don't, anyone can enter a yellow card report, you don't need to be a medical professional. Secondly, and as I keep repeating, these are not confirmed adverse reactions to the vaccine.
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    At present the only restriction we have in law is accessing a care home. If you cannot demonstrate vaccination or a medical exemption then you cannot enter. There are not further legal restrictions being discussed. You seem fixated on something that is not happening.

    If employers or shops theatres or private home owners restrict access to their premises to those who are vaccinated it is their right to do so. They are not public entities and they determine their own requirements. If you wish to restrict visitors to your house to the unvaccinated you can.

    if and when legislation is debated that restricts freedoms of the unvaccinated then I am sure there will be a debate about it.
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    COVID is real. It's worse for old, male, non white, poor people. Lots of other things will kill you (smoking, alcohol) but this is a new risk and we are still learning about it.

    The vaccines work. We are very very lucky that they do so. There are side effects but deaths are rare to never. Some people aren't confident in taking it though. Vaccine hesitancy decreases with age, suggesting that it's about a balance of perceived risk.

    Vaccination is a choice but suppressing the disease requires high vaccination rates. For circa 1.3m people the vaccine is ineffective due to their compromised immune system. Healthy people vaccinate for those who aren't. Long covid (side effects from the disease that persist after illness) is a thing and we don't know the impact yet.

    It's important to share accurate facts. The formal press (BBC, Daily Mail) have had high levels of journalism. Facebook and WhatsApp much less so.

    There will be constraints on how we live for a while to come. No right is absolute. Your right to not have the vaccine impinges on my right to be safe from disease.

    The debate will continue. Best to do it in good humour.
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    I do not understand what all the fuss is about, I am 69, I think I had Covid 2 Christmases ago but I still lined up for the jab. I weighed up the chances of dying from Covid, we were both quite ill but managed it at home, and the chances of dying from the Jab, no contest! We were both a little off colour with the first jab for a day or two and less ill with the second, but it was worth it. Don't procrastinate, get the jab and save your life and the lives of those you may infect.
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    Bob: lose 1 year and read March 20, and my situation/attitude is as yours,
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    Bob, for most people it is NOT a life saving treatment! Most people have such a tiny chance of being badly affected by Covid that it isn't even worth thinking about!

    And as has been said over and over again, the "vaccine" doesn't stop you passing on Covid!

    You've had yours, fine, sensible precaution as your an older person. Now leave everyone else alone to live their lives and make their own choices!
  14. Starslikedust

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    Vaccination reduces the risk of household transmission by 40 - 50%
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    The thing that stopped the covid getting bad for both myself and my wife, was a jab given a year earlier that was to prevent pneumonia. Yes we were sick and laid up but the covid din not turn into pneumonia, which is what kills most sufferers.
    Bianca, I understand your argument but I do not agree with it, Do you have any better ideas for a solution to control the spread of Covid 19, we would all like to hear them as, if they do not include vaccination, they would save £millions and be most effective in third world countries who do not have finances to buy vaccine.
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    What we should be doing now is exactly what BoJo and his clowns said right back at the start...

    Protect and vaccinate the elderly and vulnerable, let everyone else get on with life and herd immunity will naturally develop like it always does.
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    If we follow that route we must isolate the elderly and vulnerable for the duration of the epidemic. We must also isolate the care workers and the others who service the needs of this group. At the end of the process we will have a section of society isolated from the main group who cannot be let out into the world as they have no immunity to Covid or any other novel infection that has emerged during the isolation. Even worse, an infection may arise in the isolated group that affects the external group more severely than the isolated group who have gained herd immunity to it and will spread quickly among the external group.
    BoJo and his Circus have set it up so that the 18 to 30 group who are less vaccinated than others groups, will go out to the footy, party all night and socialise as they are accustomed to doing. That is intended to spread the infection in this group and get it over with before winter. The simple unspoken message to the 18 to 30 group is "If you don't get vaccinated we will fix it so you get covid and have immunity before the winter".
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  19. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    Not another sob story!

    Want me to share the social media statements by the family of the 26 year old lad from the place I worked who was killed by the "vaccine"?

    How about the videos of people who now have terminal cancer because they didn't get any treatment thanks to the NHS obsessing about Covid?
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    TBH mate, I didn't post it for you. I get you have made up your mind. It was for other readers.

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