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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by The Enforcer, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Do not use Browning or that One Coat rubbish.
  2. The Enforcer

    The Enforcer New Member

    If I dont get true gigabit connectivity I wont be too fussed. I've got gigabit switches and cards so it will be down to the individual peripherals to give me as much as they can offer.
  3. The Enforcer

    The Enforcer New Member

    Thanks JP.
    Once again you help me out.
  4. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Have a nice day DeWalt.
  5. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    If the chase is on a wall with no cavity ie wall flanking outside..trowel in with a DP render mix (wit accelerator)
  6. oliver1234

    oliver1234 New Member

    Happy New Year Oliver.

    Happy new year to you too JP!
  7. The Enforcer

    The Enforcer New Member

    Guys do SF sell this oval conduit - I can't seem to find it?

    Going to post another Q on the forum to keep you all busy.
  8. Subneural

    Subneural New Member

    You'd be as well to pop down to your local Wickes store
  9. dalmation

    dalmation New Member

    Mate- if your gonna go to the trouble of chasing walls to network the house, you will be doing your work an injustice if you dont use cat6.

    You can usually pick up 305 meter reels of cat6 cheap on ebay.

    Once it's laid, you cant really change your mind!

    Cat6 is just as easy to fit and punches into standard cat5e wall sockets (the wires are slightly thicker but you wont have any problems).

    You wont achieve anywhere near 1000mbps with cat5e. Trust me mate, its what I do.

  10. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Cat 5e is rated for 1000mbps though Dalmation.
  11. RMH

    RMH New Member

    CAT5e is more than capable of 1 Gig, trust me. In any case you would be very hard pushed to load a domestic LAN to that sort of bandwidth, I have installed the same in my house and even with 4 x megapixel cctv cameras streaming real time I am still nowhere near its capacity. If you decide to use CAT6 then you will need to use CAT6 outlet plates, patch panels and leads otherwise whats the point!
  12. dalmation

    dalmation New Member

    I know what you are saying, RMH- and you are correct, cat5e is compatible with 1000mbps, but that is towards the upper limit of it's capacity (which is of course fine).

    What I meant was- if I was going to the trouble of wiring my house using channels and conduit, I would definitely use CAT6. It can be used perfectly well with the cheaper cat5e wallplates etc.

    If in the future you needed to use the full 200mhz cat6 bandwidth, only faceplates etc need replaced. No need to redecorate :)

    In the mean time, the heavier conducters and lower crosstalk in the cat6 will still result in improvements to packet loss etc. even with cat5e connectors.

    For the very small amount of extra cost, definitely worth doing, in my opinion. I like to keep future proof wherever practical.


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