Concrete base shed extension

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by Seth Finegold, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Seth Finegold

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    extending my small brick shed at the bottom of my garden by building a sort of hybrid timber/brick structure. We want to build the extension out of timber and keep the remaining shed structure for the most part. The original single skin brick building is built on a concrete slab so the plan is to demolish the front wall, extend the slab by 1m and build a new timber framework front . My question is regarding the concrete base. What mix should I use? I already have a load of perfectly sized gravel in my garden which I want to utilise to save buying new aggregate and lugging it through the house. What mix of sand, gravel and cement should I use for the base? I have seen 1:2:4 suggested online. It will be 100mm deep with 150mm toes and I will use reinforcement mesh to strengthen. Any tips of how to join to the existing slab and the mix ratio of sand and gravel to make ballast would be helpful.

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