Concrete floor in two halves

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by hopefulBuilder, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Due to circumstances we need to have the concrete floor of a new kitchen extension laid in two separate halves. I am worried that when I later stick ceramic floor tiles down, there might be future problem with cracking at the joint of the two floor halves. (extension size 5m x 5m)

    Should I do anything at this stage to reduce problem? (eg. leave bits of rebar protruding when first half laid, to tie the two halves together)??
  2. sam the builder

    sam the builder New Member

    do the 2 floores seperate is not a problem in any way and shouldnt be worried about, we have done a floore in 4 parts before , due to the size of the floore area. once ints down it doesn't move, unless you didn't have a solid base of hardcore underneath which building control doesnt allow anyway
  3. Thanks, that is good news.

    Except -- the person doing the floor has only put 40mm of hardcore instead of the 150mm shown on the plans. I will be "discussing" this with them. But I guess you are saying that it is important to have the thicker hardcore base?

    (obviously the concrete has not yet been laid <grin>)
  4. mof

    mof Member

    It certainly wont do any harm to stick a few bits of rebar in,just in case or even fix a couple of blocks on the first shutter to make a "tongue and groove

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