Concrete floor levelling and insulation

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    I’m in the process of opening a kitchen/dining area. The house is on a concrete foundation and id like to level and insulate the floor.

    I’ve taken levels spots around the floor to find the low/high spots, 10mm difference from l/h. My current thought process and sequence is to lay the XPS insulation on a flex adhesive directly on the concrete floor. Then lay the underfloor heating and then pour the levelling compound laying it thicker in the areas that are lower. The floor area is 16.5sqm, only 6sqm will have the under floor heating.

    The floor will be LVT.

    Any advice or recommendations is welcomed.
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  2. xednim

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    what abt: self level to get to the current highest point, then xps (can use expansion foam for sticking to the concrete - low yield type), then thin layer of levelling compound over the wires (expecting electric UFH) and finally your floor ?
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    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking with the levelling compound on top of the XPS then I’d have a more solid surface to lay the floor on.
  4. Possibility of having XPS poking up somewhere unexpected perhaps? Evening things out with compound first gives you a better (more consistent) datum to work off.
    We've all been there with "oh heck I thought that was level!".

    Has the concrete pad to the house got a DPC if not do you need to think about a moisture/vapour barrier before your work to insulate?

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