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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by DivideByZero, Jun 5, 2021.

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    I've been looking at what's best to do and seem to be going in circles now so thought I would ask.

    The floor in question is an old concrete floor area, pretty small in total, 1m x 2m. The floor itself is fine but in the middle of this is where an old wall was removed years ago. This is in my "office" and so where my chair rolls over it (with a rubber backed rug over it) the floor is wearing down and is between 1mm and about 8mm lower in places. The area of repair needed is small, about 14cm wide by 35cm long (where the wall was removed).

    Not sure what the best way to go with repairs for this are. There is the option to dig down and make the repair bigger so it will be stronger, but as it's so thin I wonder if that means I could just use some kind of leveling compound or something?

    It just needs to stand up to the wheels on chair rolling over it (with a rubber backed rug on top).

    Not sure if something like "Blue Circle Quick Repair Concrete" or "Bostik Cementone Rapid Setting Cement" would be any good? Or if the problem area is too thin for that to be of any use at the moment so something else may be better.

    Any info would be gratefully received.


  2. Bob Rathbone

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    Fill in the holes and fit a laminate floor.
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  3. CGN

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    6 of one, half dozen of t’other.

    Buy a bag of self leveller and do whole floor. You’ll need some SBR to prime it first though.
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    Ah, it gets a bit more complicated. This is actually in a part of my living room (L shaped offshoot), where the other part is floor boards. For arguments sake, if you say the room/area is 2mx2m. In the width it is 1m concrete floor and 1m wooden floor boards (rest of living room is all exposed floor boards attached to this). So it's actually 50/50 aprox and both go all the way 2m front to back.

    The concrete and the wood floor boards are already the same height, apart from the divot where a wall was removed and it has worn down.

    While the idea of fixing the hole and getting a laminate flooring all over is good, I actually need the ventilation in the floorboards for a fireplace which I use in the winter. So for this, and the fact that the floorboards look good (when clean anyway) mean I don't really want to change it.

    But if we still think the leveler would work, that would be worth a punt.

  5. CGN

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    In that case, just use whatever to level it.

    A good bodge etc
  6. DivideByZero

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    Ha OK, will see what floats my boat then.

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