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  1. simon cook

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    Hi to all,

    I built a summer house 10 years ago, I was out of work at the time and built it on a shoestring budget using recycled wood etc.. I used roofing joists to suspended the flooring and for a few years everything was peachy.
    The last year or so the floor has become spongy and my V heavy slate pool table is bouncing!
    So the time has come to re lay the flooring ideally using a concrete base. my problem is I live in possibly the worst house in the world to get things delivered to, right in the corner of a green with houses on all sides.

    My Question is this, Does anyone have any experience in pumping concrete to these sorts of locations? As its only a small amount I thought that some companies may have issues. I have asked for a few quotes and have not received any back as yet (which I understand under the circumstances)

    The summer house is 5.5 M x 7 M , I have added a map of summerhouse if it helps.

    Any help would be appreciated!!

    Regards Simon

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  2. Jord86

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    It’s not the area of the summerhouse that’s the issue rather if the length of the hose could reach in order to pump direct. Is there outside access for a wheelbarrow run?
  3. simon cook

    simon cook New Member

    yes, but was trying to avoid the back break!
  4. Mr Rusty

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    - who's?

    I've just had 7.5m3 delivered by barrowmix and they made it look easy. I was chatting, and they said they've done some challenging barrow runs. I'd ask your local companies, perhaps with a google maps image, if they can do it.

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