Concrete slab crack on mesh

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Adam2020, Jun 30, 2020.

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    Hi I've had a concrete slab poured in my house 2 days ago by a company and levelled by some builders. I will be insulating further and screeding on top for a wet ufh. I don't think the job was done too great for as I have 3 issues

    1) I had some A242 (6mm) mesh placed in the floor of my 100mm slab, and in 2 places it seems to have fallen off the spacers and is slightly sticking out the concrete slab. As pictured. I didn't see this as an issue however I have noticed slight cracks are starting to develop around the mesh as you can see in the pictures. I don't want the floor to fail, under the UFH screed, what would be the best course of action. I was thinking of angle grinding that section out and having bonded concrete poured in to fill the void. Thoughts?

    2) in one room, some of the expansion strip managed to come out in 2 areas, the room perimited is about 20 metres, the expansion strip has come out for around 2 metres in total. Will it be fine or do I need to angle grind a new gap in

    3) the concrete doesn't have a smooth finish, it's level throughout the floor however it's quite bumpy all over. I was told this isn't an issue as it's only a sub floor, the final finish will be a 75mm sand and cement screed. What are the thoughts on this?

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    Concrete laid very wet and not well compacted is causing the cracks over the mesh. Not uncommon I fear.

    Improperly placed/fixed mesh, poor concrete placing, shifting expansion and poor finish. Did he at least lay it grey side up??

    Ask your "professional" what he intends to do.
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    How can I rectify this does the slab need to be redone?

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