Concrete subfloor insulation.

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    Hello I've posted about this before but slightly different plan this time.
    I have concrete subfloor in an old house .
    I don't have enough ceiling space or external door clearance to put the recommended 60-70mm celotex/kingspan so will never prevent heat loss but still want it more comfortable underfoot.
    So the main goal is to have it feel warm to the touch but obviously the better it actually insulates in the process the better.

    Original idea was 25mm insulation with wood on top but it seems minimum I need is 18mm flooring chipboard . About 42 of those babies and it's almost a £1000 for the floorboards!
    So to my question. What does the informed among you think about using a foil based vapour barrier like supafoil SFTVfollowed by fibreboard underlay followed by sonic gold underlay ( the one with the gold foil) and then laminate? For the kitchen and entrance hallway I'm thinking click vinyl for easy mopping ( minus the layer of sonic then of course as it's too spongey for vinyl .

    I know this solution will do almost zero to prevent heat from radiating out of the floors bit wil they then at least feel warmer to the touch or will bums and feet still feel the cold "coming up " through the floor ?please help. Also feel free to offer any solutions totalling no more than 35mm before underlay that will be cheaper than celotex and 18mm chipboard.

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