Condensation from cowl vent.

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by James South, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. James South

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    We've just had an extractor fan fitted in our bathroom that goes through the ceiling then out through the wall higher up in the loft.

    Question is, is it normal to have water coming down the outside wall. I assume its just condensation drip and it isn't much at all, but just a concern. As it's 30c then hitting the cowl vent thats -3, condensating and running down the outside.

    There is no evidence of damage or water in the loft.

    I also noted looking from the other side some patches reflecting in the sun. Again no internal signs of anything and wonder if this is previous work before we bought. They wall insulation installed and looks like maybe where they have painted years ago.

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  2. rogerk101

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    It's absolutely normal for condensation to drip out of the vent. In fact it shows that the duct was installed correctly, i.e. with a slight slope to the outside. What I usually do is project the duct to slightly beyond the wall so that it drips from the vent directly onto the ground rather than running down the wall. While running down the wall, it will eventually show signs of something (e.g. moss, mould, stain, etc.)
  3. James South

    James South New Member

    Thanks @rogerk101, good to know it's normal, and that's what I thought. Yes, they drilled down at a slight angle and used some plastic pipe looking thing to join the vent and the flexi ducting. I'll add that onto my spring/summer projects.

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