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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by mick, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. mick

    mick Guest

    how do you bend conduit using a bending spring?
    detailed answer if poss
  2. sparky (Original)

    sparky (Original) New Member

    yove got to first of all warm up the conduit with your hands then use the bending spring to bend the conduit to the shape you want.
  3. sparkydude

    sparkydude Member

    Hi right this is the way to do it

    1. mark centre of bend on pipe

    2. hold spring centred across mark on outside of pipe and then bend over the wire which you should have tied onto your spring at the end of the pipe. This makes sure that the spring will be centred on the bending point inside the pipe

    3. Rub the pipe for a minute or so with the palm of your hand, be careful as this can look very rude to innocent bystanders LOL

    4 then place the centre of the pipe that you have marked and slowly bend it bit by bit over your kneecap,

    5. apply more friction every so often to keep pipe supple whilst bending.

    6. Always overbend the pipe as it will spring back again once bent.

    7. always ensure pipe is warm before bending as cold conduit will shatter in your face

    8. Make sure you use a heavy gauge spring for a heavy gauge pipe and light for a light o else the pipe will ripple up and kink and ruin the spring as well as the pipe

    9. GOOD LUCK

    hope this helps


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