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  1. As I understand it - building regs mean that any plastic pipe to be buried in screed needs to be in conduit so it can be replaced.

    Therefore I have bought
    - 15mm PEX barrier coil pipe.
    - 15mm conduit and
    - I've also bought this conduit elbow.

    As I understand it, I should be able to thread the 15mm PEX pipe in the conduit and then both through the elbow. However it doesn't. You can get the pipe through the elbow on its own, or the conduit on its own but not both. If this isn't right, how do you connect the conduit to the conduit elbow? thanks to any responders!
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    Normally the pipes are laid on insulation and covered with 2/3” screed, so the whole slab is heated.

    I’m not sure of any reg about putting in ducts ? Sort of defeats the object.
    I can see a use for the elbow to tidy up the point the pipe exits the screed, but you would never be able to renew the pipe , and in fact the sleeving would help insulate the pipes from heating the floor, ?

    good luck
  3. Sorry Peter, this is not for underfloor heating. It's for pipes leading to and from radiators. On the JG website it states that you should be able to remove the pipe from the conduit.
    However it does also appear to suggest that the Polybutylene pipe would be the most flexible, so perhaps that's why I can't get both the pipe and conduit to go through the elbow conduit? because I've been trying with the PEX pipe.
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    Surely it isn’t necessary for the 15mm conduit to flow through the elbow, if the 15mm conduit is continuous then there’d be no need for an elbow? The elbow shown states that it’s for connecting to conduit and is 31mm diameter, I would think there’s matching 31mm straight lengths that simply slot onto it.
  5. Thanks Ceebee, I think the answer is as you've mentioned is to just use conduit on its own. I only wanted the elbow as it seems to keep the pipework neet and tidy. I've looked on a JG video tutorial and they seem to use the elbows for the runs to the manifold of an underfloor heating system. Not sure why as Peter mentioned then the elbow would need to be connected to conduit if it's part of a UFH system but nevermind. Thanks again, J

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