Confused about fixing for a weird wall

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by MQ88, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. MQ88

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to think of best fixing to put up a heavy duty shelf in the kitchen to hold items like iron grill and skillets. The problem with the wall is that it has plasterboard at the top, a little void then some sort of chipboard then plywood and finally the wall, the depth from from the first layer to wall is 10.5 cm.

    I am very confused on how best to get a heavy duty fixing in this wall. Spring toggles won't work because the void is too small and corefix fixings won't cut it because the length of the fixing is 10 cm.

    I would really appreciate if somebody can help me out with issue. Thanks in advance
  2. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Couple of 10mm threaded bolts into the brick wall. So will have to drill through to the depth. Use chemical fixing to hold. Then maybe timber fixed across surface held with washer and nuts. With take all the weight and you can fix hooks ect to timber
  3. MQ88

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    I will be putting up IKEA metallic shelves in that wall and the fixing screws or bolts will need to stick the metallic fixing in the wall. In this case should I just use the bolts? Also 10 mm will go enough deep ? The wall only starts after 10.5 cm, how long are these bolts are usually? Apologies I have never used bolts before

    Thank you very much for answer!
  4. Wayners

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    Well that wall itself is a bit soft to hold any weight. Don't think my idea will work for you. You've got the sort of wall it would be better to cover in ply and plasterboard over. Fixing won't be a problem then
  5. MQ88

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    That would be a costly fix, I was trying to get something done cheap :)
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  6. AnotherTopJob

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    If using bolts in the wall, due to the gap you may find it will squash or damage the board as you tighten.
    10cm is a lot - more than enough for a molly or toggle type fixing to open up inside.
  7. MQ88

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    What if I try to be very careful when tighting it?

    For toggles the problem is that 10 cm is good enough for it to open but the voids between layers are not that much. I am not really sure why there is a layer of chipboard and plywood underneath the plaster board. I will maybe try putting in a toggle there but which layer I should try putting it up against ? the plywood which is the last layer ?
  8. Jord86

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    Depending on the weight of your planned items, cut a square neatly out of plasterboard, glue and screw in a piece of ply the thickness of the void, refit plasterboard, use 80mm 6.0 wood screws to fix rails or shelves to wall.

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