Connecting ACO threshold drain.

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    This will be really simple when I do it I know but I need to connect an ACO threshold drain to a drain hopper. Hopper is new so apart from having to be square to the house I’ve got a bit of leeway with where it goes, but only a little as it’s tucked into a corner. The ACO outlet comes down and then needs to turn, so obviously I need a 90° elbow then a short section of straight 100mm pipe to go into the hopper. My question is that the short section is very very short, so if it’s doesn’t line Up with the hopper inlet I might struggle to get it lined up. Isthere such a thing as a flexible joint? Female at the outlet end and make at the hopper end. Obviously they exist for toilets but that seems a bodge even if the pan end is the right diameter for the 110mm pipe, and I very much doubt they are designed to be buried.

    Thanks in advance.

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