Connections from garden hose to 15mm copper pipe.

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by DiWhyer, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. DiWhyer

    DiWhyer New Member

    Hi folks.

    I'm trying to use a good length of 15mm copper pipe as an irrigation prop. I will suspend it over my plant area.

    I want to attach my garden hose to it so it will in essence, Self Water.

    My hose has a Gun on the end. The end of the hose is obviously a Female Hose connector. I want to remove the gun and attach the hose to the copper pipe, but then remove it again to use my hose with the gun.

    I would like to attach a Male Hose Connector to the 15mm copper pipe.

    So my main question is this:

    Can I attach a Male Hose connector to 15mm Copper Pipe?
  2. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

    Short bit of hose dip in boiling water and slip over the 15mm. Fit a hose clip (jubilee clip) for security then fit a normal hose connector to the other end of the short bit.:)
  3. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    I would just cut a foot off the end of the hose, stick it in hot water and fit it over the copper, Jubilee clip on that and appropriate connector on the other end.
  4. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Mind reader Teabreak??
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  5. Severntrent

    Severntrent Screwfix Select

    Screwfix 82086 and then 3/4 plastic tap adaptor
  6. DiWhyer

    DiWhyer New Member

    Well bloody hell i never thought of that one folks. simple when you know how haha.

    Thanks. Off to do it now. :D
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  7. DiWhyer

    DiWhyer New Member hold on!

    So I need a Male connecter attached to the bit of hose attached to the 15mm pipe. I've got 4 male adapters but they all screw onto the tap.

    Is there a Male adapter that attaches to hose?
  8. DiWhyer

    DiWhyer New Member

    All i can find is a Double Ended Male adapter?
  9. DiWhyer

    DiWhyer New Member

    Oh and the hose pipe is far bigger than 15mm copper pipe so no need to heat it and stretch it. If anything it's far to big?
  10. DiWhyer

    DiWhyer New Member


    Sorry folks.....

    It's 10mm copper pipe I have.

    sorry to waste your time today :(
  11. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Warm the pipe and wind the jubilee up tight: will still work.
  12. pppmacca43

    pppmacca43 Super Member

    If it’s standard 10mm plumbing copper, could something like this work. Jubilee clamp the 15mm end in the hose, and the pushfit 10mm in to the copper?
    Heat up the end of the hose to slide it over. Another trick to make the end of the hose more flexible is hit it with a hammer on a hard surface.

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