Consealed wiring in plaster

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by David1974, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Coloumb

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    Yup done that. So what? Please don't tell me cement damages the pvc...
  2. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Hmmmmm....what about if the mix contains lime Mr C? aye hydrated lime, surely you wouldn't spam that mix on the cables?

  3. Bob Rathbone

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    Is there still the requirement in the 17th Edition that insists the installation is designed for ease of maintenance such as changing a lamp? Maintenance also includes repair and replacement, of cables, plastering in without capping or tubing could be a contravention. What does the community think.
  4. Coloumb

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  5. Mr Rusty

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    I'm no sparks, but my house project is currently at first fix. My sparks has used the loop in to the switch loop out for all lighting circuits. With some 2 way/2-3 gang switches on either side of the wall in a couple of places there are 6 separate cables coming down the bare brick neatly clipped adjacent. I would certainly prefer a narrow bank of cables than have them separately capped/conduited side by side over a wider area. AIUI looping in and out of switches rather than using JB in the ceiling or looping in/out ceiling roses is now the preferred way but it does seem to put many more cables on the walls! Mine are going to be under D&D mainly, but I can imagine trying to use this installation method within capping/conduit could get interesting with so many cable drops...
  6. JP.

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    Calcium hydroxide R R (lime, hydrated lime etc)
    Hmmmmm resistant at both temps

    Tomato juice R R

    Ketchup R N

    Guys dont put Ketchup on your cables if the temp of said is 60 degc, however at 23degc all ok.
  7. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

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