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    Hello (NB, title should read, Conservatory Leaking)
    I had an old, lean to conservatory replaced on our bungalow with an oblong, pointed/ridged roof type all-glass construction.
    It was installed about 9 months ago by a long-standing double glazing firm based in Rochester Kent.

    They took down the old lean-to and installed the new one replacing the gutter between the bungalow
    and now conservatory. It leaked 2 weeks ago and they came around today. Water was coming out of the ceiling box section nearest to the bungalow gutter shared with conservatory. The bloke said to my son as i was at work, "the roof slates out of line and flashing needs replacing." And said that we should get the roof to bungalow repaired. It leaked with heavy rain, and gutters will overflow at times when you get very, very heavy rain so imo they should have made the conservatory watertight.

    The conservatory runs almost the full, back length of the semi det bungalow and original downpipe is shared between the conservatory all four side and the back roof of the bungalow.

    I checked the roof all in line other than the edge as its a semi-detached bungalow and you got the usual curvature.

    In my judgment, even if the roof tiles were out of line, they should have fixed/told us.

    I will call them tomorrow but I fear I will be fobbed off.

    All help appreaciated.

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