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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Mmi, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Mmi

    Mmi New Member

    After thinking of how best to renovate our front garden we came up with the idea of converting our cracking sinking side return patio / path to a deck.

    Here's a photo of it currently and what we are thinking. Possibly extending out a bit where the X is as a bin storage area.

    IMG_20200526_194301_compressed.jpg deck.jpg


    We are thinking a wooden deck as it will match a new gate and fence we are planning and it looks nice (will be happy if ours turns out half as good as that photo!)

    As for the steps to take this is what I have in mind.
    Remove the old slabs and as much lose concrete. Sink some posts around the perimeter into the ground, concrete them in and screw into the old concrete. Lay joists across the old concrete slab connecting to posts. Then Lay decking on top?

    plan.png Here's a rough drawing ive tried to make :D

    Does that sounds reasonable or anything im missing or need to be aware of?

    The path leading to the deck will be dug out and new path made as the next next project hehe

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  2. Mmi

    Mmi New Member

    Had some spare time today to do some more exploration. Removed the corner patio slab and used my sds drill to remove the old mortar to try and get to the original slab.

    IMG_20200809_164631_compressed.jpg IMG_20200809_164657_compressed.jpg IMG_20200809_164706_compressed.jpg IMG_20200809_164721_compressed.jpg

    So im thinking to put some posts around the perimeter and to screw / bolt through the posts to the base of the slab - as opposed to sinking the posts deep and cementing them in? I will use some of the old slabs as a base for the posts to sit on. Then build the deck frame and attach the joists to the slab, leaving a slight gap for drainage.

    Im also thinking would it be best to give it a quick layer of mortar once the old stuff is removed so that water doesnt pool on the old base, to give it a smooth surface for water to run off. from the test area theres small divots and holes from the chiseling away the old stuff which water could collect
  3. Mmi

    Mmi New Member

    After reading a bit more online and speaking to some people they are saying it might be a bad idea to do this outside the front door as decking gets very slippery.

    How true is this?
    ..And if so is there a way to avoid it becoming slippery or would be be wiser to not do the decking idea as originally planned?
  4. furious_customer

    furious_customer Screwfix Select

    You could go for composite instead - you can get it for as little as £16 for a 3.2m board if you shop around. Still twice the price of wood though, but largely maintenance free.

    Wood becomes slippy after a couple of years when algae grows on the surface. Going over it once a year with a pressure washer and couple of coats of oil should prevent it becoming slippy.
  5. sparky steve

    sparky steve Screwfix Select

  6. Mmi

    Mmi New Member

    I think we are going to change our plan and not do decking. Half due to the concern about slipping when wet, especially as there is already a step out the door, and also down to aesthetics. We are replacing the fence and gate with a more modern looking horizontal style and I think this might clash a bit with the decking. ...

    So the other idea we had in mind was to use sleepers to edge the concrete slab, in fill it to bring it the same height as current patio and relay new slabs.
    The couple of questions we have about this approach is
    1) since the concrete slab is already there do we need to fill it in differently? Not sure what to use exactly as the base, gravel, MOT type 1 Subbase? , and then sand and then mortar bed for the new slabs?
    2) should we somehow attach the sleepers to the concrete slab
    I was thinking just to make small trench around the slab to put in some mortar to ensure the sleepers all sit level. Not sure how necessary this is vs just making sure the ground is level

    If we extend the current patio in front of the fence to store our recycling bins what would I use to fill in the gap for that? the same as I use on the main patio area all the way down? or in fill with soil first to bulk it out?

    ..Also not sure i should start a new thread since its a new question now :confused::(

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