"Converting" non dimmable fixtures to dimmable fixtures

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by dpoison, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Hi All

    Now, my assumption has always been that a light fixture is a light fixture is a light fixture. If you have a dimmable switch installed then all you need are dimmable bulbs and you're free to use whichever fixture you choose...?

    I've found a swanky wall light I'd like to use in the kitchen however the specs stipulate that it isn't dimmable.

    I'm currently undergoing a kitchen refurb so our electrician will be installing two new wall lights over the counter. We've specified that we require all lighting in the kitchen to be dimmable as part of our specs so am I constrained to looking for specific fixtures that are rated dimmable or is the fact that he's setting this all up for a dimmable space allow me to simply drop in some dimmable bulbs into whichever fixture I choose?

    excuse the long winded question but I've had a long day :)

    thanks in advance
  2. xednim

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    sending a link for the light that you after might help to advise, if light fixture has build in transformer and says that is not dimmable that's mean bulb swap won't help
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    Many LED light fittings have the LEDs built in and they are often non dimming as it is cheaper. If you get light fittings that take standard bulbs then you can buy dimmable LED bulbs to fit. But be careful not all dimmers work with all LED dimmable bulbs, while things are improving the cheaper dimmers may well not be compatible with a particular LED bulb.
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  5. Pollowick

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    To quote your link: The Mantis BS5 wall lamp without cable nor switch. and then - Cable Type: Black fabric

    So, how is it powered? And without lamp ...

    Is it designed to be battery powered? Induction loop? Mains? Is it 230v safe?

    And £266 !!!!

    If it is mains - it will ONLY be LED suitable with max 11W, and surely you then have the choice of lamp and switch/dimmer
  6. dpoison

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    These are all good questions. I've request a .pdf
    these will be mains connected which is why I assumed they could be used as dimmable..?
  7. Tony Goddard

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    If they have a built in transformer that is not suitable for a dimmer then they won't be dimmable. As it's clearly a high end item the makers may be able to modify some for you, if not most old school lighting/electrical shops that do repairs should be able to strip out the original components and re-wire them to your configuration.
    Having fitted thousands of light fittings, they are, now, invariably, regardless of cost, made by the same bloke in beijing!

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