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    Hi guys I've had a search and seen conflicting info on this so wonder if anyone here can give me a definate answer.

    I currently have a 45A cooker switch with built in socket inside my kitchen cupboard running on 30A at the CU with a 10mm cable. This is currently unused for the cooker as I have a gas cooker but I do use the socket for my washer as the only other way to plug washer in is to run an extension from a socket on the wall.

    I'm now getting rid of the cooker and switching to electric oven / hob the ones Im wanting both run on a 13a plug not wired directly into the cooker faceplate.

    Question is can I "spur" into the back of the cooker faceplate and add a double standard socket next to it for both the oven/hob so I can keep the single one in the faceplate for my washer. I will literally never be using the washer hob and oven at the same time but also would be a complete ball ache to have to climb into the cupboard every time to unplug one to use the other. Chances are except for mabe 1-2 times a year I wouldn't even be using the oven / hob at same time and even then it would probs be 2ofnthe hobs at most so I can't see things getting overloaded.

    I can't even easily spur into my sockets ring to get another socket down to my washer as the wall the sockets are in is tiled and would have to rip them off to do the job so I'm just trying to figure the easiest way to do things.

    Obviously I do understand somewhat about overloading etc and if I come to move I could always remove the extended socket to make sure future occupants wouldn't also come into overloading problems

    This is the oven/hob I'm getting

    Sorry for the long winded post just wanted to kinda get as much of the situation in as possible

    Thanks for any help


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  2. Do you have a cooker outlet point behind the gas cooker at the moment?, if you have, replace this for a dual box and fit two single sockets, the easiest way would be surface assuming enough space and cable length.
  3. Ash45

    Ash45 New Member

    Hi thanks for the reply. No I don't the cable go's into the box with the faceplate on from the CU nothing comes back out it so basically at min all its used for is the washer plugged into it.

  4. Run some 6mm twin and earth from the cooker switch to a dual box, behind the new oven and hob and fit two single sockets.
    You can either run it surface in mini trunking or chase it in and put the cable in oval conduit, remembering to keep to the prescribed zones if chasing in.
  5. Ash45

    Ash45 New Member

    Right thanks that sounds fine I thought I'd read somehwere you couldn't have the sockets behind built in oves the had to go off to side or above under wrc that's why my though was to just keep it in the cupboard next to the current box as it's easy enough to run the cables into the cupboard haha but if that's fine to do I can defo do It thnks very much


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