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  1. djb-systems

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    Hi All

    Looking for a little advice, the flat I currently rent has an integrated oven and hobs that I am looking to replace.

    The hobs are old steels and looking to change to ceramics and a better oven. Just had a look how its all wired up, the hobs are wired to a cooker outlet to the CCU on a 32 amp RCD, however the oven is run via an extension lead to a standard 13 amp socket not connected to the CCU.

    So I am looking to wire the new ones up to the existing terminal that is controlled via the CCU, both the new items are cable less so was going to wire each with a 6mm TE Tail, will I get away with wiring both into a standard cooker outlet or is 2 6mm cables pushing it for the terminals? Or will I have to upgrade the cooker terminal outlet to a dual outlet?

    Hobs rated at 5.7Kw
    Oven rated at 3.7Kw

    So both together well within specs for 32 Amp Circuit


  2. Comlec

    Comlec Screwfix Select

    Once diversity is applied!

    If you are connecting two appliances you should use a dual outlet.
    Many do use a 6mm T&E to connect ovens and hobs but you would be advised to take account of any manufacturers instructions as to the type of cable to be used for connection.

    4.0mm² 3183TQ Butyl Flex Black from TLC is ideal for this job.

    Good luck with your project
  3. djb-systems

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    Hi Comlec

    Thanks for the reply, I was including diversity then I had a thought a standard freestanding cooker diversity is applied over the whole unit, then I had a horrible thought about the 2 separate units, they will both have diversity and I am hoping that with this is still should be ok, at full load without diversity I know its around 41 Amps


  4. Hans_25

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    A 6mm cable might take a 40amp MCB, depends on how its installed and length etc. My hob radial does :)

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