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    I inherited my dad's house 2 yrs ago and I am finally going to replace the gas cooker. I have noticed there is an old cooker socket in the middle behind the gas cooker, I will be replacing the cooker with a built in grill below the hobs not on top.

    Will this socket be a problem and would the gas engineer still be able to install the new cooker?

    Any advice is much appreciated.


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    It's most definitely against current leccy installation regulations - I suspect some gas fitters may refuse. Ask over on the Electricians Board about the full regs, as to where it should be. Or fit a leccy cooker....
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    The first thing to say on the matter is that there is no specific regulation in BS7671 requiring a cooker switch to be installed at all. Appendix H of the On-Site Guide says that a control switch should be supplied and located within two metres of the cooker and not directly above it.

    However if you are having a new kitchen etc then it is considered best practise to position it at least 300mm for the cooker
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    That's a bit of a muddle of outlets, switches and pipes. It very definitely needs to be improved.

    I would get rid of that gas pipe if it is no longer being used, to tidy the area. Then you need to move everything electrically. I would get a combined cooker switch with 13A outlet to replace the cooker switch you have and the separate socket. I suspect the switch is for a fan? That should be mover further away. 30cm for all electrical stuff. Also with a modern electric cooker you may need a heavier power cable, your electrician will tell you that. But yes, it needs a little work.

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