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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by harry, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. harry

    harry Member

    havind read here that copper pipe will take around 700p.s.i. is it feasable to use it to run an air line
    system in a workshop? can the compression fittings be used in conjunction with air fittings?cant find the iron
    pipe which is normally used. thanks.harry
  2. DJC

    DJC New Member

    Copper pipe and compression fittings are ideal for air lines. If you want more confidence, ring Yorkshire fittings and speak to their technical help department.
  3. harry

    harry Member

    thanks for your reply
  4. pusser_uk

    pusser_uk New Member

    Consider also, refrigeration pipe and compression or brazed fittings, easily bent and fitted, it might suit your purpose better and comes in sizes such as 1/4".
  5. harry

    harry Member

    i was told that the 22mm copper,being bigger would act as a extension of my compressor air tank which is a small one. how much it will help i dont know but the total pipe run will be about 35-40ft.its really only going to be used for brad nailing and maybe a blow gun now and again.the reason i wanted a more permanent set-up is because i am extending the workshop into an adjoining room and don't want to be tripping over air lines.
  6. Seahorse

    Seahorse New Member

    Remember that the bigger the pipe the lower its working pressure for a given wall thickness. If you are using 22mm then definitely talk to Yorkshire as suggested above.

    Have you thought of plastic air pipes. Usually pale blue in colour and comes with a guaranteed working pressure. I have used this for some large installations as it was much easier to use than steel pipe (copper was not acceptable in this instance)
  7. Paint Sprayer

    Paint Sprayer New Member

    Have you thought about using blue plastic water pipe as used underground am using same for over 10 yrs now for my main air line in body shop with great success. Easy to fit up and bend and quite cheap to install.
  8. harry

    harry Member

    how easy was it to get air fittings to plumbing fittings?
    or are they similar?
  9. bearingman

    bearingman New Member

    try a company called FLOTECH they sell
    all types of air/hydraulic pipes & fittings.
  10. The Engineer

    The Engineer New Member

    Big yank companys only use copper pipe for compressor installations and it is all brazed fittings. from 1/2" to 4" pipe is used.
    Have you thought about Tube. Swagelok is the dogs B****, bit expensive but can withstand 15000psi, this stuff is used in petrochem business.
  11. crisp

    crisp Member

    i have been told at my work that compression fittings are not pressure rated for air pressure only water is this correct

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