Cordless 190mm circ saw

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by PaintersWillSortIt, Jan 20, 2024.

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    do you have a battery system already
    why do you want the extra depth off cut
  3. PaintersWillSortIt

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    Makita, want to do 4x2’s at 45 on a single cut.
    Can do this with the corded one I have but want to see if there’s a cordless option.
  4. FlyByNight

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    I use a Bosch 165mm bladed saw - build quality is excellent and a pleasure to use. Bosch do a couple of 190mm bladed units - but looking at the specs the may thickness at 45° is just 49mm (same as Makita). Just OK for regularised or planed, but not rough sawn. The 165mm is about 4.1kg with battery and whilst heavy, it is manouverable and no worry about the cable. The 190mm is around 4.7 - so again heavy, but manouverable.

    That Makita needs TWO batteries which will add to teh weight, the Bosch uses their ProCore 18v, so it may not last as long but you only need two batteries not four.

    If you buy a Bosch and register for three year warranty, there is a choice of freebies to go with it - 4Ah battery, jigsaw, angle grinder,
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    all my powered tools are Makita...but when I did paid for
    fencing the cordless option did get tired munching
    through fence panel cut-downs
  6. Rosso

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    I have a Hikoki 36v 190mm circle saw. 3.4kg, plus 1kg battery. Loads of grunt, and well balanced, it feels like part of my hand. Any increase in weight over a corded saw is is unnoticeable against the advantage of not having a ***!* cable getting in the way.
    The makita is quite heavy at 4.7kg plus 2 batteries, but if you've got a pile of batteries.....for £150 its a no-brainer
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    the one you link to is a 2 battery to power saw [2x18=36]so saw and 2 battery around £320 I.T.S. are plus vat
    remember what looks like a big jump over the saw you have in cutting depth is only half the difference between the blade on your saw and 190mm
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    Both bring up good point, have a box full of batteries, so that’s already a sunk cost.
    Agree on the weight, it’s mostly a quality of life tool, so would only be using on and off (unlike my 165).
    My mate is going to lend me his at a job we’re doing so will see how it goes.
  9. PaintersWillSortIt

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    To update:

    - it’s heavy, I would not want to use it all day
    - it’s powerful, had no trouble ripping through c24 and oak at max depth
    - it’s hungry, the cost is that it rinses batteries and noticeably loses power when the batteries go to 3 bars

    It doesn’t replace its corded twin, but when I need to cut a few bits or do something high up it’s nice not to have to faff about with the extension and transformer.

    worth it at 150 and if you have a load of batteries already.
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    thanks for the update and yes the weight thing is why you look for the best off cost and weight over practical and useful for the greatest amount off jobs you are planning on doing

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