Cordless Batteries

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by capnpugwash, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. capnpugwash

    capnpugwash New Member

    What is the third terminal on the batteries for?? The one in middle between the + & - . I've taken apart a dead battery apart and it apppears to be connected to the - terminal but is insulated from it!! There does not seem (not on my drills) any corresponding terminal in the drill. The reason behind this question is to try and get a 18V mains transformer to fit inside the empty battery case to see if I could construct an emergency mains connection. Just a thought.
  2. andyboy

    andyboy New Member

    posibly a voltage monitor to tell the charger the state of charge, or a temperture probe so the battery dont overheat.
  3. Thevitalspark

    Thevitalspark New Member

    If there is no connection on the drill then I wouldn't worry about it :), If you are planning on using a mains/tx instead of the battery you won't be needing it either.

    Could be a (universal) battery that is used in various different models, some of which may use the additional terminal.


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